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Assistance needed for shipping a donation of 25 computers for the Catholic University in Southern Sudan

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Cornell Global Solutions

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Cornell Global Solutions has assisted the Catholic University of Southern Sudan to design an Agriculture Research and Extension Programme that will become a critical component of the new Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences located in Wau, Southern Sudan.

The Agriculture Research and Extension Programme will facilitate a dynamic system of learning that will empower students with the tools to respond to agricultural and environmental issues in their local communities. Objectives include: the development of solutions for Sudanese farmers; the integration of Faculty research and field work with community-held knowledge; the promotion of gender equity and community empowerment; the creation of a learner-centered education system (PBL); the promotion of equitable and sustainable resource management; and the engagement of students as future leaders responsible to their communities.

As part of the effort to prepare the Center adequately, we have received a donation of 15 computers that will be equipped with TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library). The issue now is that we do not have the funds necessary to ship these computers from NY to Southern Sudan. So we are looking for an individual or an institution that will be able to either help us ship these computers or fund the shipment.

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