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Faith Banjara Orphan Home


Faith Banjara Orphan Home is an Indian NGO that works among rural and tribal areas on community development and awareness raising. The organisation sponsors health programmes, and safe water and sanitation projects. Currently, the organisation is trying to raise funds for its orphanage.

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Vocational skills training for poor youth in Pakistan


Through this proposed project we are trying to help the young unskilled youth of Baltistan, Pakistan to empower them economically and socially. The targeted youth are unskilled, unemployed, destitute, vulnerable and poor. Sustainable job skills training will enable them to access available jobs. In...

Helping Hands Welfare Association Baltistan


Helping Hands Welfare Association Baltistan (HHWAB )is a Pakistani NGO working in the general areas of health, education (both formal and technical for male and female), and the environment. HHWAB aims to develop comprehensive strategies with partners to ensure the provision of good health and...

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SELCO makes solar-lighting accessible to poor families in India


SELCO India is a Bangalore‐based social enterprise that makes solar lighting technology accessible to economically impoverished people in India.

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Profiles of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) practices of Philippine mining firms


The increased awareness of environmental impacts, the socio-economic implications of mining and a downturn in productivity, have highlighted the need for mining companies to adjust their business management process.

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Partnership to help farmers in Africa increase crop yields and hope for the future


In 2005, Millennium Promise launched with a vision to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. As the leading international nonprofit organization solely committed to supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Millennium Promise believes that innovative partnerships and an...

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The Asian Development Bank and Non-Governmental Organizations: Working Together


The Microcredit Project in Indonesia, established by the Asian Development Bank and approved in 1994, focuses on microenterprise support, recognizing the potential of microenterprises to create jobs at low capital input costs and raise the income levels of the poor.

World Vision - India


World Vision India is a child focussed, community based development organisation that works for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor in India. Children, being the future of nation, are the main focus of their work that is aimed at building up the community around them so that they step to a...

Youth Development Project


The Youth Development Project is a Gandhian voluntary NGO established by a group of disabled youth activists in India. The organisation works for the welfare and rehabilitation of people with disabilities and fight for their rights.

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Smart Communications: Low-cost Money Transfers for Overseas Filipino Workers


A leading wireless telephone services provider in the Philippines, Smart Communications, Inc. recognized that at least 8 million Filipinos work and live abroad—about a quarter of the domestic labour force. In 2005, Filipino workers overseas sent $10.7 billion in remittances, with at least as much...