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International Monetary Fund (IMF) - India


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organisation established to promote international monetary cooperation, exchange stability and economic growth. India joined the IMF in 1945. IMF credit has helped India respond to emerging balance of payments problems. IMF has provided India with...

Society for Disabled Women Pakistan


The Society for Disabled Women Pakistan is an NGO that works for and with women with disabilities. The Society aims to raise awareness in the general public of the basic rights of women with disabilities and their right to live independently. The Society's long term aim is to ensure that all girls...

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Accor and Plan International work together to change the lives of many children around the world


Accor, hotel and services group, and Plan, have worked together in 16 countries. The aim of the partnership is to promote child sponsorship and project funding to Accor staff, partners and guests. Highlight of achievements to date: * more than 1,100 children are now sponsored throughout the...

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Big business with the UNHCR helps refugees


The UNHCR Council of Business Leaders joined forces in 2005 to unlock the potential of more than 30,000 refugees around the world.

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Cyclone Thane relief campaign, India


We are trying to reach out to women, children and senior citizens, backward tribal, slum and nomadic communities most affected by Cyclone Thane (Southern India) with shelter and clothing. We have 1000 volunteers willing to help to distribute the goods. The cyclone victims are in need of new clothes...

CHIC (Creating High Impact Concepts)


CHIC (Creating High Impact Concepts) is a management consultancy group in India that offers support on fundraising skills and strategies, and networks with corporates,individuals and celebrities in India through events coaching and outsourcing services. The group has operated for more than 16 years...

Gramin Mahila Vikas Sansthan


Gramin Mahila Vikas Sansthan (GMVS) is an Indian NGO that works largely with local communities on initiatives linked to their social empowerment and livelihood support. Current projects include: promotion of self help groups, microfinance, agricultural projects, education projects, a national...

Action of Human Movement (AHM)


Action of Human Movement (AHM) is an Indian NGO that works for deprived sections of rural youths, women, children and very poor communities in Tamil Nadu. AHM provides health awareness, human rights training and community development projects.

Royal Climate Care


Royal Climate Care is an Indian company that provides services relating to energy, the environment, climate change, carbon markets and sustainable development.

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Reuters Market Light: Creating Efficient Markets


Reuters Market Light (RML), a business incubated by Thomson Reuters, is a pioneering mobile phone-based agri information service provider. The service is designed to provide farmers with personalised timely and actionable agricultural information from pre-sowing to post-harvest stages through SMS...