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verified non-profit organisations

Basic needs for vulnerable people in Gabon


ONG Action for Africa is a NGO based in Libreville, Gabon, working to strengthen health, education and training, feminine conditions, aged and vulnerable people (mentally handicapped and street children), victims of HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and leprosy. We empower women by creating...

Basic education for children and illiterate adults in Somalia


This project proposes to enhance the basic education of children and illiterate Adults in the two villages in Maroodi- jeh region ( Hargeisa District,) Kam-barwaqo, and Fadhi-xun villages and will serve approximately 1200 families in Kam-barwaqo, and 900 families in Fadhixun. Basic education for...

Funding needed for school and orphanage in Sierra Leone


Orphans often suffer from abuse, neglect, poor health, emotional trauma, and lack of education and training without intervention and proper care. Our organization focusing on helping orphans and other underprivileged children in remote communities. The organization is presently running two...

Community based organisation in Uganda in need of funding


Village Care Development Foundation is a fully registered community based organization. We help the poor people in Kagadi Kibaale District, Uganda. Our work include: - Mobilizing and sensitizing the local communities about domestic health such as boiling drinking water, having clean pit...

Vocational training to young mothers in Uganda


The declining standards of girl child education in the district of Kasese, Uganda, leaves a lot to be desired. Almost every family has a daughter who got pregnant and had to drop our of school because of that. Green Development Link would like to promote vocational skills to these teenage...

Establishment of ICT programmes in Kenya


The youth in developing countries have a wind of opportunities through engaging in certificate programs offered in medium level learning institutions within the country, mainly Youth Polytechnics. Computers for Schools Kenya is a charitable organization that has over the last six and half years...

Donation of goods for empowerment programme in Sierra Leone


Our organisation is helping the youths in the Bumpeh and Ribbi Chiefdoms in the Moyamba district of Sierra Leone. We run a youth empowerment program where the aim is to give the youths vocational training and give them access to information communication and technologies. This will empower them and...

Vocational centre for war struck youth in Somalia


Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization is a non profit organization based in Hargeisa Somalia. This local NGO is a voluntary organization and supports social activities in Somalia. It is particularly focused on youths' basic development, education and job creation. There is a gap in...

Meeting the surgical needs of children refugees in East Africa


BethanyKids is a medical NGO helping refugee children in East Africa who are displaced from their countries of Somalia, Sudan, and other parts of East Africa due to drought and/or conflict. Many of them end up with their families in very large UNHCR Refugee Camps such as Dadaab and Kakuma, both in...

Help disabled and their children in Gambia


The Bundung Association for the Disabled and their Children (BADAC) is a humanitarian non-governmental organization in Gambia working towards the development and growth of disabled people and their children. Disability does not mean inability. It is a believed by a lot of people that directly or...