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Developing resource centre and orphanage through financial and material aid in India

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True Hope Foundation Trust

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We hope to bring just realistic, measurable, spiritual, social and economical transformation to most backward and needy 10,000 villages in Uttar Pradesh & Bihar, India by 2020.
The villages we will focus on are economicaly very poor, their people are daily laboures and landless farmers whose daily individual income is below half a doller per day.

1. Spiritual Issue: We know the fact that without Jesus people are lost. Even in this 21st century these villagers we are focusing have no opportunity to hear about Jesus. They are living under shadow of death and hopelessness.
2. Economical Issue: We will be able to form at least 2 to 3 Women self help groups, each group will consist of 20 women. If possible we will provide microfinances to start the business enterprise such as small cottage industry of dairy or sewing center, pickles etc.
3. Education: In each village we adapt at least 50 children and provide them 2 hours of free tuition every day. This will increase their competency.
4. Social Issue: We are well aware of the facts the India’s social system is based on caste system. This caste system makes 70 to 80 lower caste as untouchable. They are not given dignity and honor. We hope to bring equality and brotherhood as taught by Jesus.

We are registered trust under Indian Trust Act 1882 for Religious, Social and Charitable and Religious purposes with objects within the meaning of Charitable and Religious purposes under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is your project and how will it help?

At present we are focusing on developing a resource center for our ministry, along with an orphanage in Allahabad. We have purchased the land, and now we are looking for some charitable help to complete the building project and provide some equipments.

Our objectives of this project are:
- to continuely train and equip missionaries to do gospel work and bring measurable transformation to their respective villages. This center will function as resource center for lay leaders training and staff development ongoing training.

- to provide care for orphans in need. We have currently identified 30 children with heart-breaking stories we wish to look after.

- to run developmental training programs, such as sewing centers for women, an education center for children, computer training and a counselling centre for youngers and teenagers.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People can help us by supporting through prayer, adopting our orphan children and poor children for schooling and food, introducing us to your church, and to help us by training us and helping to improve our quality work.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Material resources
10 computers (value of $500 each)
10 sewing machines (value of $100 each)
These are for a interactive learning program and a skill development program.

Financial resources
- $1,350 for a 180ft bore well for water
- $4,000 for a boundary wall
- $10,000 for one hall 30×50ft
- One year salary for 4 staff @ 250-300 each
- You can adopt a 20 lay leaders training cost. Every month will require at least 20x$50 =$1,000.00 per month. Lay leaders training will be one group of 20 people for one month and every year we will train at least 10 groups.
- We would love support for orphaned children at $30 per month.
- For developmental training programs we need $200.00 per month toward trainers cost and raw materials such as print out, xerax, cloths for sewing and other miscellaneous.

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Asia: India

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India: Cold Wave - Jan 2013; India: Earthquake - May 2013; India: Floods and all (3)


  • Commented
    09 Apr 2014 04:41 GMT

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief and Rehabililtation
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief And Rehabilitation N.G.O says: Subject :- Prayer for development of education at orphanage.
    With most regard and humble submission we the CCCMRR (N.G.O) has open an Orphanage . But we are facing difficulty to run the orphanage. As though we are very new. You know that after the clash many people has lost there life and there childs are in our though they have lost there parents, we want give them every source of facilities to them. So we request you please help us to run the Orphanage peacefully in the education sector.
    Hence we request you to look over this metter and to take necessary steps as soon as possible. We shall be grateful. Thus oblige.
    Thanking you…
    Yours faithfully
    Saidur Islam Nurul Islam

  • Commented
    21 Apr 2014 01:14 GMT

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief and Rehabililtation
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief And Rehabilitation N.G.O says: we want to work with you in our orphanage.

  • Commented
    21 Apr 2014 04:13 GMT

    True Hope Foundation Trust
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    RP Yadav says: Hello,
    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief And Rehabilitation N.G.O
    Please note that we are also Indian Christian NGO who itself is looking forward for some sponser to develope our orphanage center in Uttar Pradesh.Truly we don't have fund to support any new orphage like yours.Kindly let me know apart from any finacial or material help what way you expect help from us .I would like to hear from you.
    RP Yadav
    True Hope Foundation Trust.

  • Commented
    21 Apr 2014 09:23 GMT

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief and Rehabililtation
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief And Rehabilitation N.G.O says: Sear sir
    we accept your offer.

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    11 May 2015 12:14 GMT

    Billion Actions
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