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Building a School for Rural Children in Tanzania


We are trying to help the large number of children who drop out of school after primary seven (entry level for secondary education) because their families cannot afford the cost of sending them to boarding schools (this includes the cost of additional items required, such as bedding). The...

Nalubaale Children's Care Centre


Nalubaale Children’s Care (NCCC) is an organisation in Uganda that runs an orphanage with 37 children, many of whom lost their parents during the recent war in the north. NCCC also provides home based care to almost eighty children through staff monitors. NCCC runs a two acre garden growing...

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Cisco supports NEPAD E-Schools demonstration project


Cisco is a key participant in the New Partnership for Africa's Development of e-Schools by contributing with both people and financial resources to implement information and communication technology in educational institutions across the continent.

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Kodak supported NGOs in Tsunami photo project in Sri Lanka


After the South Asian Tsunami hit the eastern shore of Sri Lanka in 2004, Merlin, the UK medical NGO, immediately responded to the disaster and asked for partnerships.

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Kodak supported Bam Project in partnership with NGOs


On 26th December 2003, Bam City was devastated by an enormous earthquake. exhibition marking the first anniversary of the earthquake. Five months later, Picture People, a UK based Charitable Trust, went to Bam and began the 'Bam Project'.

Give Now


The Give Now organisations is designed to inspire and transform giving in Australia, providing a range of free resources and innovative giving tools — a commission-free website listing thousands of good causes and creative ways to give, a personalised donations tracking service, and a free giving...

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Promotion of Children’s Rights in Rural Ghana


The Cottage Volunteers for Child Rights programme aims at protecting and promoting child rights for the survival, development, protection and participation of all children. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Children’s Code, the Criminal Act, the Intestate Succession Law and many...

Borderline Books


Borderline Books collects unwanted books from publishers, libraries and individuals and redistributes them free of charge to refugees, former prisoners, victims of domestic violence, homeless people and others who have little or no access to books. Many books come direct from publishers -...

Children's Heart Surgery Fund


The Children's Heart Surgery Fund Charity supports valuable equipment, resources and research for the treatment of children with heart defects, whilst providing a support service for both the children and their families along the way. It stages many events in the UK to raise funds for medical...

Children With Cancer


CHILDREN with CANCER is the British national charity dedicated to conquering childhood leukemia through research into the causes of the disease, improving treatments for sufferers and the welfare of leukemic children and their families.