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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - China


UNICEF is an international aid agency that works with communities and governments in 157 countries for the survival, development and protection of children worldwide, upholding the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The primary areas of focus are: child survival and development; basic education...

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Medical equipment for UK based charity for shipping to Uganda


The healthcare service in to the rural communities in Adwir, Alebtong district, Uganda, is very poor. According to the World Health Organisation, life expectancy in Uganda is 49 for men and 51 for women and life expectancy in Alebtong district is even lower than the national life expectancy. There...

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Help orphans in Utter Perdash, India


New life Mission is registered in India and working for the last 5 years in Utter Perdash. We are providing education, shelter, food and health to the orphans and needy children. At present we are taking care of 140 children aged 5-15 years. New Life mission wants to give these underprivileged...

Salvation Army - International Headquarters


The Salvation Army is a Christian church and charity that shows practical concern and care for the needs of people regardless of race, creed, status, colour, sex or age. This organisation, through its dedication to Christian ideals, encourages social and economic development in the countries in...

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Ambulance and Emergency Medical Supplies needed in Myanmar (Karen State)


This project is about assisting the ethnic Karen people of Myanmar (Myawaddy) to develop a Emergency medical service of which presently there is none. The Karen people are 7% of the Burmese Population but have been persecuted by the Burmese Junta for decades. The KNLA (Karen Army) often engage...

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Support vulnerable girls in Kenya


The community where we operate is classified as minority tribe and girls are facing severe challenges through traditional and customary systems and other effects from neighboring communities. The girls in the community are not regarded like their male counterparts. To rescue the girl child, we...

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In-kind donations for needy in the USA


Our organization serves homeless, disabled people, low-income citizen living in the Washington D.C Area. Which includes the sate of Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia. We also serve and support international organizations through emergency food assistance programs and other ways. We...

NHF (National Humanitarian Foundation)


The NHF (National Humanitarian Foundation) is an NGO in Yemen. The organisation aims to contribute to the implementation of the 8 UN Millenium Development Goals. NHF's activities include work on human rights, environmental conservation and development.

Hope For All / Care Givers Foundation


Hope For All / Care Givers Foundation works amongst the less privileged,orphans and youths. we provide all kinds of services that can help alleviate poverty in our country.our authorization from the government is that of service provider. therefor any organization can partner with us if they are...

Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) - North Korea


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International is an independent humanitarian agency established in 1984 for the specific purposes of individual and community development and disaster relief. ADRA helps people in need, especially those most vulnerable, such as women, children, and...