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Christmas gifts for street children in Nairobi, Kenya


The proposed project and its activities are aimed at helping street children and their families in the streets of Nairobi city, Kenya. The project has been necessitated by the fact that as Christians, we are compelled to show God’s love to others by sharing the joy of love of the birth of Christ...

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Goods request for youth, disabled and women in Tanzania


Based on social economic report by 2011 of Kigoma region, indicates that the region has 1.3 million youth, 432 disabled people and 982,098 women who all lack employment opportunities in the community. The majority of them have got formal and informal education in school and colleges in the country,...

Howardstern R & D


Howardstern R & D is a medical resource humanitarian organization based in Luxembourg. The organisation iscommitted to working with other charities, corporations and governments to improve the delivery of healthcare across the world. In order to maintain the human element of improving healthcare...

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Help to ship microscopes from the UK to the Philippines, and other resources for a school in El Nido


My name is Sebastian Lory. I am a Final Year student at the University of St Andrews studying Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. I have recently initiated a project titled the El Nido National High School Fund in association with the University of St Andrews. The project is aimed at improving...

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Support Non-profit Youth Organization in Manila, Philippines


1012 Youth Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, and socio-civic organization in Manila, Philippines. It was established in 2009, and since that year, we could not do monthly project due to lack of fund. Our beneficiaries are mostly youth but also we care for children, persons with...

Joseph Project


The Joseph Project, a project of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, has 30 humanitarian aid centres throughout Israel and a 16,000 sq. foot (1,500 sq. metre) warehouse in the centre of the country. The Project imports containers from America and distributes aid to all sectors of the country,...

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Vocational training for the needy community of Kyampisi Village, Uganda


The establishment of a vocational training centre in Kyampisi Village will enable marginalized out of school youths, especially orphans and vulnerable children, young mothers, youths (in and out of school), elderly and disabled persons to receive training on tailoring and dressmaking in order to...

Cameroon Christian Welfare Medical Foundation (CAMCWEMEF)


The Cameroon Christian Welfare Medical Foundation (CAMCWEMEF) is an NGO aimed at creating access to health care in rural villages. The organisation runs a prevention campaign on neglected tropical diseases, organises outreach health programmes (home visits) and distributes micro nutrients....

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Food and winter package for flood victims in Pakistan


The recent flood in Pakistan, Baluchistan in august 2012, has made 37355 families in desperate need of food, warm clothes and tents. The overall assessment carried out by UNOCHA and PDMA for the children, women, old people, and people with disabilities were the most vulnerable among the affected...

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Help to orphans in Tanzania


About 5million Tanzanian children live in extreme poverty. (National Census, 2002) Many of these children live in child-headed households or cared for by elderly, or children caring for chronically ill parents, or those without home. 42% of the orphans are due to HIV/AIDS. 53% of them are cared...