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What Colour Is Love (formerly The Dignity Project)


The Dignity Project grew out of the Children’s Dignity Project which was established as an educational foundation in 1995. The project has evolved into a broader multi-faceted organisation with education and communication at its core, publishing books and other materials highlighting the need for...

Voice of God Ministries Inc


The Voice of God Ministries Inc is a Malawian faith-based charity. Activities include assisting needy people in Malawi through a range of projects, including HIV/AIDS prevention work.

Live Hope Foundation


Live Hope Foundation (LHF) is committed to youth empowerment in Uganda. LHF was founded in 2004 in Uganda. LHF empowers the youth to solve the problems (such as crimes and violences) due to unemployment, illiteracy and lack of social life skills.

Missions Ablaze


Missions Ablaze is a group of missionaries that aim to help the poor and needy, especially children, with food, clothing and shelter. They are involved in the preparation and distribution of food to the poor through a number of soup kitchens. They lead Bible studies among children and youth and...

Kemondo Orphan Care Centre


Kemondo Orphan Care Centre is a Lutheran orphanage operating in Tanzania. The children at this orphanage are mostly AIDS orphans. The centre operates in the Kagera region and has a regional intake. The orphanage is financed by international NGOs. This support enables the orphanage to provide food...

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Support orphans and other vulnerable children of local Andhra Pradesh tribes, India


Among the underdeveloped tribes of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India, orphans and other vulnerable children are in greater need of support today than ever before. In the past, we have invested in programs that give these children access to education, health care services, shelter, food and...

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Operational funding and supplies for slum school in Nairobi, Kenya


We at Bright Vision Learning Centre are trying to help the less fortunate children who cannot afford education and would otherwise stay at home to help their parents make ends meet. We are looking for funds to help run the school since we cannot rely on fees from parents who are poor and...

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Computers for new Community Information Center in rural Ghana


The Foundation is trying to help the needy and vulnerable children in rural Ghana. A primary school of about one hundred and eighty children have access to only seven computers not connected to the internet. In view of this, the Foundation is trying to bridge the digital divide in this rural Ghana....

Hope for The Orphan Children - Sierra Leone


Hope for the Orphan Children is a project supported by Children of the Nations International in Sierra Leone to build a new Village of Hope in Banta Mokelleh for orphaned children and provide them homes, schools, churches, medical clinics, nutrition and whatever they need in their fight against...

Engineering for Change


Engineering for Change (E4C) is a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local community advocates who are passionate about improving quality of life. E4C seeks to enable this growing community to design, apply and share...