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Donate an ambulance for leprosy service in India


In the last 21 years, our organization have been serving leprosy patients, giving them free treatment, medicine, dressing materials, clothes, MCR chapel for people affected by leprosy, and rehabilitation services and etc. We also give health education to the population regarding communicable...

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Increase sport participation for children in Uganda


Uganda Sport for Health, Recreation and Development (USHRD) is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help people of Isingiro district improve their quality of life through sports. USHRD is the only organization promoting sports in the district, and sports include soccer, volley ball, net...

Nadace Naše Dítě – Our Child Foundation


Nadace Naše Dítě – Our Child Foundation provides aid to children in life-crisis situations, supports children's rights and supports abidance by the Convention of the Rights of Children in the Czech Republic.

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HIV prevention among sex workers in the city of Goma, D.R.Congo


HIV infection has become a real health problem worldwide and particularly in the Sub-Sahara region. In this region, 22.5 million people live with HIV (68%), among them 1.8 million are newly infected. There are 2.5 million children living with HIV worldwide and more than 90% are living in Sub-Sahara...

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Vocational training and HIV/AIDS awareness to vulnerable groups in Uganda


We are helping our community through the Palmyrah Workers Development Society by working on a project for disadvantaged people in our society; women with disabilities, widows, orphans, and teenage mothers. We address the issues on poverty, gender based violence, HIV/Aids prevalence, and...

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Support youth center in Kenya to keep the young people of the streets


Rodi is the immediate town after Homa-Bay, Kenya, with population of about 10,000 residents. Out of this population 57% are youth. The town has numerous socioeconomic problems such as poverty, poor infrastructure, unemployment, poor social services and social ills. The town is incompatible with the...



AIDSfreeAFRICA is an American NGO. The organisation describes itself as a "community of professionals dedicated to empower Africans to become self-sufficient in producing pharmaceuticals." AIDSfreeAfrica supports projects which assist communities in need, runs a micro-finance project and sends...

Taiwan International Health Action (TaiwanIHA)


TaiwanIHA was founded in April 2006 to share medical and health assistance with the international community and help contribute to the UN Millenium Development Goals. By managing the manpower, material resources, and equipment available for health aid, TaiwanIHA helps developing nations with...

Dorcas Aid International


Dorcas Aid International(DAI) provides social, development and relief aid through over 100 projects in more than twenty countries. DAI operates by funding local partners in projects involving agriculture, water supply, food and clothing, health care, housing, refugees asistance and income...

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Pens, pencils, chalk & exercise books to Malawi


The Tongole Foundation is asking for pens, pencils, chalk and exercise books for our schools in Malawi, Africa. The Foundation has people based in the UK who, when they visit Malawi, will take the items with them and distribute to the 3 schools the Foundation are currently building. Please watch...