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Green Cross Austria-Romania


Founded in 1990, Green Cross is an Austrian-Romanian non-profit humanitarian organisation aimed at assisting people, communities and institutions for the defence of human rights, protection of the environment, community development and preservation of local traditional values. The Green Cross has...

Foodfirst Information Action Network FIAN


Foodfirst Information&Action Network (FIAN) is an International Rights Organisation that campaigns for the realisation of the right to adequate food. FIAN works towards the protection of the human right to food and to protect those threatened by or suffering from hunger and malnutrition, especially...



INTERSOS is an independent non-profit humanitarian organisation committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. It was established in 1992 by a group of citizens committed to international solidarity. INTERSOS activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice,...

Africa-America Foundation


The mission of Africa-America Foundation is to provide material or financial assistance and spiritual comfort on a humanitarian basis to relief the suffering of the poor, needy, underprivileged and distressed in Africa, America and elsewhere in the world. To provide a spring board for economic...

SOS Children's Villages - Philippines


SOS helps children and communities in need to help themselves by establishing for them, the necessary facilities for development, including education, medical and social centres. Their special emphasis is to provide orphaned and destitute children with a new and permanent home, preparing them for...

Islamic Integration Community Centre


The Islamic Integration Community Centre (IICC) is charitable organisation founded by Afghans living in the UK. Amongst its other activities, the Centre is currently collecting winter clothing for people in Afghanistan, and is seeking help to send its container(s) to abroad.

Oxfam - Germany


Oxfam is a development and relief agency that helps people worldwide in the struggle against poverty. Local shops, found on regional sites, receive goods to raise money for Oxfam. They aim to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice by working with the local people, including the...

Mani Tese


Founded in 1964, Mani Tese is a non-governmental international development organisation that aims to raise public awareness on the causes of poverty and implements development projects for the poor.

Red Crescent Society - Bahrain


Red Cross International Federation programmes assist the world's most vulnerable people. The activities of the Bahrain Red Cross, which are funded by appeals, focus on health, disaster management and promoting humanitarian principles and values.

German Red Cross


As a National Red Cross Society and central voluntary welfare association, the German Red Cross performs a broad range of tasks on the national level. These include emergency medical services, civil protection and disaster preparedness, tracing and family reunification, various health services, and...