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Thai Red Cross Society


Thai Red Cross Society, a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, provides community medical and health care, medical relief in disaster areas, and support for the youth anti-drug programme.

Children's Medical Ministries (CMM)


Children's Medical Ministries (CMM) provide humanitarian aid including wheelchairs, prosthesis, and vitamin distribution to children in need and their families.

Childline India Foundation


Childline is an Indian partnership platform bringing together international, government and non-government organisations to provide a telephone service hotline to assist needy and destitute children across India. The service aims to respond to emergency needs and link them to services for long-term...

International Community Foundation


International Community Foundation is a public charity working to foster lasting philanthropy to benefit under-served communities in Mexico and Latin America. With over 70% of International Community Foundation's recent grantmaking benefiting charitable causes along the Baja California peninsula,...

Kiya Survivors


Kiya Survivors is an organisation focused on the educational welfare of special-needs, abused and abandoned children (but also offering support to young and violated women, and families living in severe poverty). Aside from these services, Kiya also provides its child beneficiaries with food...

Operation Compassion


Operation Compassion is an American charity dedicated to helping the poor and needy. They have assisted over one million people with donated food, clothing and medicine over the past 4 years, and are also involved in disaster relief activities. Operation Compassion focuses on three priorities:...

Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME)


The Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME) is an American NGO that aims to provide healing for the whole man through medicine and evangelism FAME provides medical supplies and facilities for the developing world, assists nationals to become healthcare providers and educator and...

Humana - Austria


Humana - Austria is the Austrian branch of the international Humana People to People Organization. This branch collects good quality secondhand clothing in various countries throughout the world and resells these goods in used clothing stores. The organisation uses the resulting profits to help...

Green Cross Austria-Romania


Founded in 1990, Green Cross is an Austrian-Romanian non-profit humanitarian organisation aimed at assisting people, communities and institutions for the defence of human rights, protection of the environment, community development and preservation of local traditional values. The Green Cross has...

Foodfirst Information Action Network FIAN


Foodfirst Information&Action Network (FIAN) is an International Rights Organisation that campaigns for the realisation of the right to adequate food. FIAN works towards the protection of the human right to food and to protect those threatened by or suffering from hunger and malnutrition, especially...