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Ark Chantal Foundation


The Ark Chantal Foundation (Nadace Archa Chantal) aims to humanize children's health institutions in the Czech Republic through projects designed by local artists and architects. The projects meet the requirements and specific needs of individual hospital departments in cooperation with children...

Operation Mercy Tajikistan


Operation Mercy is an international humanitarian organization that was created with a vision to work along side the people of Central Asia in meeting their needs. Since 1993, Operation Mercy has been working in Tajikistan, focusing on disadvantaged youth, community health and education, income...

Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise (NHE) - Azerbaijan


Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise (NHE) - Azerbaijan provides support for orphanages, schools, agriculture, fish farming and cultural work to rebuild communities in the country. The NHE also collaborates with other NGOs to help to fulfil its goals.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)


The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) provides volunteer opportunities in a number of different countries. MCC shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC has workers or financial commitments in 65...

Romanian Aid Foundation


The Romanian Aid Foundation works with Romanian people to bring help to the needy. They distribute clothing, furniture, food, kitchen equipment, bedding and basic medical equipment, to improve the lives of people in rural communities. Projects include supporting hospitals and clinics, schools and...

Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory


Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory, affiliated with the Salvation Army International, encourages social and economic development. The organisation operates social centres and cooperates with international relief agencies and governments alike to achieve its goals.

Childhope Philippines, Inc


Childhope is an international, non-profit organisation whose main purpose is to advocate for the cause of street children throughout the world. Childhope Philippines has programmes in the Southeast Asian region related to the education of street children and community mobilisation against...

Advisory Board Foundation - Philippines


The Advisory Board Foundation's goal in the Philippines is to combat child abuse and neglect through searching, training and assisting direct service providers, such as physicians. They work closely with the Philippine General Hospital Child Protection Unit and have published various guides for...

Alameda County Computer Resource Center (ACCRC)


Alameda County Computer Resource Center (ACCRC) provides recycled computers to those who would not otherwise have access to them. ACCRC helps disadvantaged, undereducated, and disabled humans gain access to technology, computers, and the Internet. Also ACCRC teaches dejected, rejected and unskilled...

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee


The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has, since 1914, been providing aid to Jewish communities in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and Argentina, as well as small groups of Jews scattered around the world in poverty, targeted by anti-Semitism, or caught in war or natural...