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Books offered - former Prep School Library stock

General information

Overall description

We have cleared our library of old stock and books that haven’t been borrowed for some time. Also books that are duplicate copies. All fiction currently (we will have non-fiction at some point). We are trying to avoid putting them in recycling.


Ideally we would like them gone within the next week but please get in touch even if this isn't possible.

Partnership types

Provision of goods

Goods details

Goods description

Suitable for age approx 6yrs - 12yrs. Total of approx 350 books.

Type(s) of goods

Books & audiovisual


350 books approx


Kent, United Kingdom

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I may do both.

Cost of goods

There is no cost.


I cannot assist with transport.


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are second hand.


These goods may be divided between recipients.



Organisation details

Organisation name

St Michael's Prep School

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  • Commented
    15 Sep 2018 08:52 GMT

    WATO International Organization
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    WATO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION says: We are interested in receiving those books, because in Uganda most Schools don't even have a school library. So aim of receiving books is to donate them to poor schools in Uganda

  • Commented
    24 Oct 2018 07:39 GMT

    Odollo Self Help Group
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Steven Were says: Should nothing be done to equip teen mothers and young widows without necessary life skills and economic tools requisite to support themselves and their orphans; the society should ready itself to face a storm of street children and crime, an up-tide in prostitution and related health implications; a clear propagation of the unfortunate cycle of human suffering. We are rebuilding lives of 100 teen mothers and through Training in Tailoring and design as well as other craft courses.
    We strongly feel that this offer posted by you can be of some great help to our youth. Our email is;

  • Commented
    27 Nov 2018 02:53 GMT

    ASPA Cameroon
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Anthony Abang says: ASPA Cameroon is interested to distribute to children in poor homes for learning at home.
    our postal address is

    ASPA Cameroon,
    box 52, mamfe,
    South West region,


  • Commented
    12 Jan 2019 05:45 GMT

    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    PR. MUWONGE EDWARD says: Please if there is still the opportunity for receiving school books, ABUNDANT LIFE MISSION FOR COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION is interested. Our postal address is:
    TEL +256 753 522670

  • Commented
    20 Mar 2019 10:24 GMT

    Rainbow Palace
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Rainbow Palace says: Rainbow Palace is interested

  • Commented
    22 Apr 2019 04:01 GMT

    Living Hope Uganda Limited
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Okello Denish Mark says: The post conflict children and youth in Northern Uganda needs this books if at all they are still available.
    Here is the email of the Contact person for more discussion about Living Hope Uganda Limited.
    Thank you

  • Commented
    25 Apr 2019 12:33 GMT

    Northern Uganda Environmental protection and Prevention of HIV / AIDS (NUEPHA)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    ADULA DICKSON says: Adula Dickson says: Northern Uganda Environmental Protection and prevention of HIV/AIDS needs this books if at all they are still available.
    Here is the email of the Contact person for more discussion about
    Thank you

  • Commented
    27 Apr 2019 10:40 GMT

    Act women foundation -Uganda
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Kaniki Julia says: African ark college of management sciences are in need of old BOOKS For college in Kasese Uganda
    Kautha Landus
    Thank you

  • Commented
    20 May 2019 08:49 GMT

    New National High School
    (For-profit organisation)

    New National High School says: We Would like to receive these books and utilize them in our school library where we have 300 students from small village who can utilize these books to the max. your support and response his highly appreciated

  • Commented
    22 Jun 2019 01:07 GMT

    Millennium Hope International (MHI) Inc.
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    J. MULBAH SOLOYANWOLLIE says: MHI Inc. we are interested in those to use them in Liberia. Kindly finish us as how we can obtain these books.

  • Commented
    22 Jul 2019 05:26 GMT

    Africa Child Protection Unity
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Rutungu Roben says: I'm very interested to have those books currently I have three Pre Schools need to have teaching Resources and that could be of great help. God bless you and your company

  • Commented
    22 Jul 2019 11:12 GMT

    Millennium Hope International (MHI) Inc.
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    J. MULBAH SOLOYANWOLLIE says: Millennium Hope International (MHI) Inc. is an indigenous mult-functional Christian institution aim to Help/support impoverish or disadvantaged people.These books are really needed for the school to set up a liberty. we can be reach at : or or +(231)770-135-457 Liberia
    +1(623)759-3263 or 602-214-1186 USA

  • Commented
    17 Sep 2019 02:30 GMT

    Agnus Dei Missionary Apostolate for the poorest of the poor
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Sr Francisca okuguni says:
    My name is Rev Sr francisca okuguni a Franciscan sister working in
    Agnus Dei Missionary Apostolate for
    the poorest of the poor
    11 bomardek Avenue
    Ago palace way
    This home established and run by Rev Sr Josephine Okere is a home for 130 less privileged and orphans especially those affected by terrorists attack. These children range from creche, nursery to primary, college and higher institutions
    There is also a school for them
    Am interested in your offer
    Thanks and God Bless