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Men's work uniform trousers on offer in HK

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A company has around 300 pairs of men’s trousers to donate. The donation is being handled by an individual who wants to help get the trousers to a good cause.

She has written “I was contacted by a company who has changed their corporate branding. Their existing stock of company uniforms will need to be destroyed. Instead of simply shredding them, they contacted me to see if I could help. The trousers, once the branding is removed, will still be in perfectly good condition. I am working on behalf of this organization to find homes for the garments (trousers). This company is in logistics and the uniforms were worn by their staff. I think it would be a worthy assumption to say the sizes would fit a range of average sized Asian men. There are two different types of fabric for the trousers, a summer weight synthetic fabric and a heavier cotton twill fabric. The trousers are zip fly front with button at the waistband. Two front pockets, one back pocket and one side leg pocket. Think normal casual men’s trousers and this is the style.”

The trousers may be sold, but must be collected in person by a Hong Kong NGO by 10 August.

Some photos are attached. The first photo is a close up to show fabric type. Left is a mid weight twill fabric; right is a light weight woven synthetic. The second photo is of the light weight synthetic trouser and the third photo is the twill trouser. Both styles are identical. The right leg pocket is the one that will be removed.

There will be about 150 pieces of each style.


Items must be collected by 10 August.

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Men's trousers with pocket removed

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Apparel & fashion




China - Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)

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I will be offering these goods on a one off basis.

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Global Hand

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