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Conservation of endangered forest in Kabuna-Kaderuna, Uganda


BYEPO has been working to protect and conserve nature by promoting afforestation and creation of habitats for the wildlife. The achievement is evident with more trees growing on the land of some local farmers and schools who have benefited from our program. You can see the results of our programs...

Kyamakungu Rural Orphans Organisation Against Illiteracy


Kyamakungu Rural Orphans Organisation Against Illiteracy is a Ugandan NGO that assists orphans and people with disabilities. Currently, the organisation cares for 92 orphans and 40 people with disabilities. The organisation intends to train people with disabilities to save and establish their own...

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Support Project: Access to Quality Education - Uganda


We are focusing on school-aged children including early childhood development, school drop outs, their parents/guardians/caregivers, teachers and school management committee members. Issues to address: * Poor pupil academic performance due to: absenteeism of pupils and teachers at schools, lack...

A1K Development Consultants


A1K Development Consultants is a Papua New Guinea based development consultancy company specialising in development in the Asia/Pacific and the global community.

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Partnership to share camp / outdoor centre in Canada


The Kinark Outdoor Centre is a year round facility supporting the recreation and education needs of clients with our parent agency, Kinark Child and Family Services, as well as those of over 100 other community organizations, schools, social service agencies and faith communities. We require...

Kinark Child and Family Services


Kinark Child and Family Services is a Canadian children's mental health agency that helps children and young people, adults and the community.

Farm Africa


Farm Africa is a charity registered in the UK with offices in Africa. The organisation was established to help poor farmers and herders in Africa grow more food, keep their livestock healthy, make a basic living and manage their natural resources in a sustainable way with the right training and...

CIEE International


CIEE International gets young people to volunteer to exchange themselves to study in another country to experience their way of life and to give a bit back to the country. They intend to let the volunteers gain a new perspective on the world and broaden their minds.

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HIV prevention among sex workers in the city of Goma, D.R.Congo


HIV infection has become a real health problem worldwide and particularly in the Sub-Sahara region. In this region, 22.5 million people live with HIV (68%), among them 1.8 million are newly infected. There are 2.5 million children living with HIV worldwide and more than 90% are living in Sub-Sahara...

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Construction of a hospital in Guanaja, Honduras


We are seeking for some help or guidance to build a hospital in Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. At present, there is no hospital on the island, and the closest hospital is in La Ceiba, a port city in the northern coast. There is a health center on the island but they can only do...