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HIV prevention among sex workers in the city of Goma, D.R.Congo


HIV infection has become a real health problem worldwide and particularly in the Sub-Sahara region. In this region, 22.5 million people live with HIV (68%), among them 1.8 million are newly infected. There are 2.5 million children living with HIV worldwide and more than 90% are living in Sub-Sahara...

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Construction of a hospital in Guanaja, Honduras


We are seeking for some help or guidance to build a hospital in Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. At present, there is no hospital on the island, and the closest hospital is in La Ceiba, a port city in the northern coast. There is a health center on the island but they can only do...



WORKAID aims to provide practical assistance to vocational training centres and self-help schemes to some of the world's most disadvantaged communities, mainly in East Africa. WORKAID achieves this by collecting and refurbishing unwanted tools and equipment in the United Kingdom and supplying the...

Taiwan International Health Action (TaiwanIHA)


TaiwanIHA was founded in April 2006 to share medical and health assistance with the international community and help contribute to the UN Millenium Development Goals. By managing the manpower, material resources, and equipment available for health aid, TaiwanIHA helps developing nations with...

Agency For Co-operation And Research In Development (ACORD)


Created in 1976, Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development (ACORD) is an international consortium of non-governmental organisations assisting local communities in Africa. ACORD in Mali implements community-based development programmes aimed at poverty alleviation.

Potencia Pais Foundation


The Potencia Pais Fundacion is a new non-profit foundation in Chile that provides professional advice to social organizations.

St Georges Secondary School


St. George Secondary School is a community project in Uganda established by the community with the aim of raising standards of education for needy and orphaned children in the area. There are currently 100 students in the school which is the only Catholic secondary school in the district. ...

Sotin Medical Centre


Sotin Medical Centre is a Nigerian NGO that works in reproductive and sexual health, providing HIV/AIDS testing and counselling services for people from disadvantaged communities. The Centre also refers clients to relevant medical, social and legal services if appropriate. ...

Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women’s Association (ATBAWA)


Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women’s Association (ATBAWA) is an NGO in Ghana, established to reduce maternal mortality rates and train Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) to administer safe prenatal, delivery and postnatal care and services. ATBAWA conducts community outreach to increase...

Air Partner


Air Partner plc is one of the world’s leading corporate aircraft charter companies with 20 offices, spanning Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. We operate a full 24-hour flight operations centre providing clients with instant access to our private air charter services all year round. ...