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Bethesda International


Founded in 1997, Bethesda International's aims to help children at risk, such as AIDs orphans, school dropouts and those abandoned by their parents. Bethesda places such children in foster families, and empowers these families through education and community development projects. For example, in...

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4 new staff members needed for leprosy center in India


In the last 21 years, our organization have been serving leprosy patients, giving them free treatment, medicine, dressing materials, clothes, MCR chapel for people affected by leprosy, and rehabilitation services etc. We also give health education to the population regarding communicable diseases...

Howardstern R & D


Howardstern R & D is a medical resource humanitarian organization based in Luxembourg. The organisation iscommitted to working with other charities, corporations and governments to improve the delivery of healthcare across the world. In order to maintain the human element of improving healthcare...

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Help to ship microscopes from the UK to the Philippines, and other resources for a school in El Nido


My name is Sebastian Lory. I am a Final Year student at the University of St Andrews studying Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. I have recently initiated a project titled the El Nido National High School Fund in association with the University of St Andrews. The project is aimed at improving...

Hope Alert Network for Development and Local Empowerment (HANDLE)


HANDLE (Hope Alert Network for Development and Local Empowerment) is an NGO that works in Northern Uganda helping victims of war and civil conflict to rebuild their lives. HANDLE programmes provide education, HIV/AIDS care, livelihood enhancement, trauma counselling, micro-credit, and community...

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Child development centre for children born with Downs Syndrome – the first of its kind in Uganda


The association is helping and supporting children born with Downs Syndrome and their families in areas on health, education, social welfare and income generation. 
Issues to address
: a) HEALTH: A majority of children born with Downs Syndrome do not have access to specialized health services in...

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Building and organizing self-reliant communities through integrated credit unions program in Cambodia


1. Lack of capital
 Capital input for farming (raise animal and poultries, fishing) and for small business is the main steam for increasing incomes for our target beneficiaries. Nowadays poor people are dependent on money lenders and private banks who charge a lot of interest (private money...

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Vocational training for the needy community of Kyampisi Village, Uganda


The establishment of a vocational training centre in Kyampisi Village will enable marginalized out of school youths, especially orphans and vulnerable children, young mothers, youths (in and out of school), elderly and disabled persons to receive training on tailoring and dressmaking in order to...

Craft Engineering S.A.


Craft Engineering S.A. is a Belgian based company that designs, manufactures and places in operation units that produce oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene on site. The company also provides water treatment solutions.

Women Development Organization (WDO)


The Women Development Organization (WDO) is an NGO in Balochistan, Pakistan. The organisation aims to assist in the creation of a democratic and justice-based society through the empowerment of women and other marginalised groups through focusing on human rights and development. WDO is involved in...