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Help Tribal Livelihood Development and Forest Weed Control in India


We assist tribal and rural livelihood development through a project based on forest conservation and weed removal. This involves clearing the forest, destroying the invasive weed plant, Lantana Camara, and converting it into products which can be sold and used in a variety of ways, as we explain...

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Help to Sustain and Develop the Professional Animal Control Emergency & Safety Service in India


Human and animal conflict has happened since the day life started on earth, but now it takes place when any species enters into human residential zones because of factors such as loss of habitat, real estate threats, encroachment, degraded water resources, no shelter, excessive heat and sound. But...

Umoja Operation Compassion Society


Umoja Compassion Society of British Columbia is a Canadian NGO established to work with low income immigrants living in the lower mainland of British Columbia. The society seeks to promote unity, respect and dignity among minority immigrants and refugees. Umoja provides a variety of culturally...

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Volunteers in PR/Marketing/Communication/IT for "Education" Projects - Hong Kong


We are a newly registered NGO in Hong Kong, part of Aide et Action, an international NGO headquartered in Geneva. AEA carries out projects on a number of issues, focussing on education because we believe this is the basis of all development and a lever to help end poverty. Our Vision Quality...

Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East


Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East (ADSMKE) is the development arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya. The organisation sponsors programmes in the following areas: sustainable food production and security; environmental conservation; community-based health care; water and sanitation;...

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Help to build a town for girl victims of sexual abuse in Bolivia Verified non-profit organisation


We want to help girls in Bolivia who are victims of sexual abuse by providing a safe environment for them, a place where they will receive the support necessary for their development and rehabilitation. This is part of our overall objective of trying to eradicate all forms of sexual violence...

build a new


build a new life .org is a UK-based NGO established with a view to bridging the gap between items going to waste in the UK whilst being sought after in many countries around the world. The organisation collects donated quality surplus building materials, clothes, toys, food and education material...

Bead Nana


Bead Nana is a mobile arts and crafts centre, a social entreprise made up of art ethusiasts whose goals are to bring meaningful arts experiences to children and women in Ghana, to lay the groundwork for children and women to be creative problem solvers through arts, and to nurture the developmental...

Got Books Inc


Got Books, Inc is an American NGO that collects books from individuals at their home or office and from donation containers. In addition, Got Books donation containers are used by non-profit groups as a free fundraising programme. Got Books aims to find new uses for used books and is dedicated to...

The Child Development Centre


The Child Development Centre (CDC) is an organisation based in Hong Kong that provides a unique range of services for children with special needs in English and Chinese. CDC provides tailored early intervention for all children with developmental or special educational needs delivered by a...