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Indonesion Health Education Organisation Looking for Institution to Receive Medical Interns


There is a problem with nurses who graduate from SMK(vocational high school) in Indonesia. Since august 2011, the Ministry of Health does not give working permits to health workers who do not have a higher education diploma. As the result, there are thousands graduates every year who may not...

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Tree planting project around Buikwe and the greater Mukono district, Uganda


African Foundation for People In Need (AFFPIN) work with schools around Buikwe and the greater Mukono district to plant more trees in Uganda and inspire more people to do so. We mobilize local and international volunteers to work with local partner schools to plant trees in the neighborhood. We...

Ethical Encounters


Ethical Encounters is a South African charitable organisation that organises travel to other parts of the continent and in doing so, aims to assist small community organisations who need resources for their own projects. This is achieved by encouraging travellers to undertake volunteering projects...

Ductu Foundation


The Duktu Foundation is an NGO in Cameroon. The Foundation offers guidance, counselling and youth development assistance to the poor.

Borderless Sky Project


The Borderless Sky Project is an NGO compromising volunteers from the alumni, faculty, staff, and students of Andrews University in the USA. The Project aims to provide relief aid and development through micro-enterprise schemes, and to promote primary education and child welfare. The Project's...

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Establishing Community Information Centres in South Sudan


South Sudan, the newest country in the world, has been involved in more than two decades of war. One of the consequences of this is that the country lacks many valuable technologies for communication and Information sharing, coupled with extremely poor means of transport. We, in our role as the...

Radio Health International


Radio Health International, based in Cameroon, is the only health themed radio in the central african subregion. The organisatiion focuses on simplifying health information for general understanding and influencing actions for change. Radio Health International supports and encourages science...

Foreign Investment Promotion Council


The Foreign Investment Promotion Council is a mandated Regional Investment Promotion Agency promoting ‘investments’, with support from the Government of India. FIPC spearheads the efforts of NE India to attract inward investments by adopting INVEST_NER_2020. and offers support-oriented...

Rock Community School


The Rock Community School is a community of learners, striving to nurture and support one other in a commitment to develop a full spiritual, intellectual and creative potential. The school implements an integrated curriculum, aligned with the Ministry of Education’s strategic mission. All...

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Support needed for radio station focusing on health information in Cameroon


Radio Health International is a radio station that holds to a particular theme, which is health and science. Therefore, every work or strategy is primarily towards the promotion and development of health and/or sciences. The radio is also a community based stations a type of radio service, that...