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Healing Little Hearts


Healing Little Hearts is a UK based charity which provides corrective heart surgery for children in India. the charity sends team of doctors and nurses every 2 months to the Holy Family Hospital Mumbai to perform low cost heart surgery on children, providing state of the art operative interventions...

Footprint Community Development and Voluntarism (FCDV) Africa


Footprint Community Development and Voluntarism (FCDV) Africa is a Kenyan NGO working with communities and partners to fight poverty and improve lives by developing and managing programmes including health promotion services, environmental management programmes, community development, voluntarism,...

Family Health Development Organization (FHDO)


The Family Health Development Organization (FHDO) is an NGO in Bangladesh. The organisation works on projects related to maternal, newborn and child health care and development, aiming to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rates. FHDO currently manages a weekly free clinic where a large number...

Total Healing World Outreach


Total Healing World Outreach is a UK-based Christian charity established to reach out to the community through counselling, drug prevention and empowerment programmes to prevent poverty. The organisation assists other charities with similar objectives and provides relatively cheap activity venues...

Aids Counselling Network Intiative


The Aids Counselling Network Intiative is an organisation in Uganda. The Network offers counselling and guidance services. education on food security, and access to education for orphans, people with disabilities and women.

Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF)


Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF) is an American NGO that describes itself as a movement of new people, new leaders, and new communities. Services provided by the organisation include training, mentoring, and linking donors with grass-roots projects.

Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL)


Acholi Community Empowerment Initiative Limited (ACEIL) is a legally registered company limited by guarantee. ACEIL owns Acholi Broadcasting Service (ABS FM) which is being established in Gulu. The main objective of the company is to empower the community in northern Uganda who are recovering from...

Integrated Community Voluntary Development Program of Kenya


Integrated Community Voluntary Development Program of Kenya [ICVDK] is a Kenyan NGO. The organisation aims to empower the community through volunteer placements both locally and internationally to help build capacity for community based projects.

Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM)


Mtwara People's Umbrella Organization (KIMWAM) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation brings together grass roots groups involved in integrated development activities including agriculture, small scale fishing, environmental management and small businesses.

New Meaning Foundation


The New Meaning Foundation is an organisation that provides advice and expertise to schools, local government and a range of organisations in regard to setting up social enterprises, sourcing investment and political support.