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Creating a Community Library and Resource Centre in Nairobi, Kenya


The Kahawa West Community in Nairobi is home to 40,000 people with widely separate and diverse interests, backgrounds, cultural heritage, social values, and needs. They all, however, have limited access to basic socioeconomic support and opportunity despite some progress recently in regard to road...

Sub Saharan Drilling (U) LTD


Sub Saharan Drilling (U) LTD is a drilling business focused primarily on the needs of NGOs to deliver water (boreholes) to communities in need. The company currently has one rig operating in the north of Uganda and intends to spread its footprint through equipment acquisition and business...

Food Services Ghana


Food Services Ghana (FSG) is Ghana's leading catering and cakes company offering continental and regional specialities.

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Seeking partners in irrigation project, Mali


We would like to improve the lives of some 300 rural farmers by improving agricultural production. The aim is to help the farmers to produce more and better rice, potatoes, bananas and onions, so as to improve food security and income. The project area is located in Mandé in the Rural Municipality...

Osiligi Community Care-led Coalition


The Osiligi Community Care-led Coalition is a Kenyan NGO working to improve the living standards of orphans and vulnerable children and community home- based clients in a remote part of the country, Samburu County. The organization serves 1300 OVC and 27 CHBC clients affected by HIV/AIDS.

Eden Recycling


Eden Recycling is a UK recycling organisation that collects, assesses, repairs and refurbishes end-of-life itemss, and donates them to individuals and families in need in Hackney and surrounding areas, in particular, those who are on low incomes or who have been marginalized as a result of...

National Youth Service Corps


The National Youth Service Corps is a Nigerian organisation created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The NYSC aims to encourage and develop common ties among the youths of Nigeria and to promote national unity. After completion of tertiary...

CENIT- El Centro de La Niña Trabajadora


CENIT (Centre for the Working Girl) is an Ecuadorian NGO that supports child labourers, both boys and girls, providing educational, psychological, and medical programmes, as well as job training, for them and their families, thus helping to improve their quality of life. CENIT works in conjunction...

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Construction of Mother and Child Health Clinic in Zambia


In many developing countries, including Zambia, women have unequal or limited access to health services. As women are most often the sole earners in a household, a decline in women’s health often leads to a decline in the standard of living for the entire household. Access to health services is...

Brethren in Christ Church - Zambia


The Brethren in Christ Church is a church in Zambia that aims to provide comprehensive health services in addition to its faith-based activities. Currently the Church runs a hospital at Macha, a clinic at Sikalongo, secondary and primary schools in the Macha and Sikalongo areas as well as...