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LifeSpring Hospitals Private Limited (LHPL)


LifeSpring Hospitals Private Ltd. is an expanding chain of maternity hospitals that provides high quality health care to lower-income women and children in India. Through its market-based approach, LifeSpring fills the void of high quality maternal and child health care at affordable rates for...

Indev Consultancy Private Limited (ICPL)


Indev Consultancy Private Limited (ICPL) is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted professional organisation that promotes sustainable development through innovative use of information and communication technologies. The organisation uses technological products and services to enable NGOs, government...

Cheeky Chops


Cheeky Chops Ltd is an initiative set up by Jamie Oliver. The organisation aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged young people to learn about the hospitality and catering industry through training and practical experience. College learning is supplemented by real-world experience in...

A2Z Freight Directory


The A2Z Freight Directory is a free resource for the freight industry. It is the most comprehensive European freight directory with more than 10,000 members in the freight, transport, haulage and logistics industry. The Directory offers free listings and weblinks.

Universal Distribution Ltd


Universal Distribution Ltd is a company that provides global ordering, consolidation points, and tracking to government bodies and NGOs worldwide. The company's headquarters are strategically based in Gibraltar, and it primarily services humanitarian projects in the Baltic and Caucasus region. ...

TUMU Foundation


The TUMU Foundation is a Ugandan NGO that aims to increase access to quality health care services and social support for needy and less privileged groups in the Buhweju District and the neighbouring areas. The Foundation's programme focuses on health care and support, community education, direct...

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New Covenant School Building, Faisalabad, Pakistan


There are an estimated 600 brick kilns in the district of Faisalabad, Punjab. Their economic and social conditions are extremely poor. The kiln owners' behaviour towards the workers is neither humane nor moral, considering their workers to be slaves and making them work as if in a "hard labour"...

Médecins du Monde (MDM) - Canada


Médecins du Monde (MDM) Canada was incorporated in 1996 in Montreal and is a part of Médecins du Monde, an international medical humanitarian organisation based in France. MDM Canada works at fighting HIV/AIDS, responds to humanitarian crises, aims to reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission and...

Arche noVa - Initative for people in need


arche noVa - initiative for people in need is a non-profit NGO working primarily in the fields of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and education. Regardless of the victims' ethnicity and ideology Arche noVa supports all those who suffer as a result of war, suppression and natural...

The Tibet Fund


The Tibet Fund is an NGO dedicated to helping Tibetans improve their lives and preserve their distinct cultural, religious and national identity. To date, the Fund has concentrated on funding health, education, community development and cultural preservation projects in Tibetan refugee settlements...