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The Springboard Project


The Springboard Project is an NGO based in Hong Kong. The organisation provides English special educational services for children and young adults aged five and above with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Springboard supports both a primary and a middle school class at the Korean...

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Volunteers needed to assist the Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong)


We aim to assist the people living in poverty-stricken rural areas of China to improve their livelihoods and raise their ability to fulfill their potential. Our goal is to ensure that the children and women in impoverished rural areas of China have access to quality and affordable health care...

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Volunteers needed for the Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association


The Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association (HKJDA) has been helping children with diabetes and their families since 2001. Our efforts centre on providing support to families, educational, emotional, financial, informational, and peer networking. We also raise awareness amongst the medical...

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Volunteers needed to assist the Child Development Centre in Hong Kong


The Child Development Centre (CDC) is an organisation that provides a unique range of support to the widest spectrum of special educational needs issues in English and Chinese. Opening our Wanchai Centre and offering Chinese services in 2010 has enabled us to serve 277 students and their...

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Establishing a laboratory to help pregnant women in Yaounde, Cameroon.


The rate of maternal/infant mortality in Cameroon is alarming (650/1000 women die per year.) Mothers die while giving birth, and children die before their fifth birthday. The situation creates a great deal of panic among women who say their last prayers before going into the labour wards because ...

Community Technology Empowerment Network (CTEN)


The Community Technology Empowerment Network (CTEN) is an organisation in South Sudan that promotes ICT and aims to increase the use of ICTs throughout the region. The organisation also implements community-based projects in core areas such as health and agriculture.

Forum of Women for Accelerated Rural Development (FOWARD)


The Forum of Women for Accelerated Rural Development (FOWARD) is a Ugandan NGO that aims to link grassroots communities to services and opportunities and to build their capacity for collective action to address the challenges they face. FOWARD targets mainly women and children. Its programme...

Sudar Academy and Charitable Trust


Sudar Academy and Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that educates people with disabilities. The Trust started with 4 physically challenged children and now looks after 30 students between the ages of 7 - 30. Education and food are provided free of charge.

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Help to fund a well to irrigate crops and an orchard that supplies orphanages and feeding centres in Romania


Street children are common in Romania. Children are hungry, cold, dirty and left to fend for themselves. Families who cannot feed their family often fall apart when one or both parents must leave in search of scarce economic opportunity. We have set up Feeding Centres is some of the poorest and...

Wise and Solace Foundation


The Wise and Solace Foundation (W.S.F) is a Ghanaian NGO that works for deprived and less privileged needy children and young people to develop talents and skills and to promote education. WSF has donated school supplies to children in need, and runs an ICT centre where a number of children are...