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Laptops needed for farming project in Andhra Pradesh India


Small and marginal cotton farmers who are vulnerable to suicides are our targeted beneficiaries. About 18000 distressed cotton farmers committed suicide between 2002 and 2006. Failure of monsoons, extremely fluctuating market prices, high input costs and exploitation of the farmers by middlemen etc...

Action X Consciousness X Tour (ACT)


Action X Consciousness X Tour (ACT Social Awareness Network is a one-stop social learning platform that supports schools, organizations and corporations to organize customized experiential learning activities and social tours in understanding value of social enterprise and various social issues. ...

Grameen Foundation


The Grameen Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, DC with an office in Seattle. The Foundation was established in 1997 by friends of Grameen Bank to help microfinance practitioners and to spread the Grameen philosophy worldwide.

Interserve International


Through its offices in 17 different countries/regions, Interserve International sends Christian volunteers to work in the developing regions of Asia (South, Central and East) and the Arab World. In general, Interserve supports both long and short term volunteers in areas such as administration,...

Development & Cooperation in Central Asia (DCCA)


DCCA is an organisation with a head office in Kyrgistan. It focuses on capacity-building and strengthening of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for sustainable development and the empowerment of the marginalised population of Central Asia.

Fratelli Del' Uomo (FDU) - Mali


Fratelli del' Uomo (FDU) is a non-governmental organisation based in Italy. FDU in Mali assists with environment protection, micro-credit and rural development.

Global Community Health Alliance


Global Community Health Alliance (GCHA) is an American NGO dedicated to providing preventive health services to underserved communities in the US and in developing countries through clinical programmes, empowerment and the provision of affordable, quality and sustainable health services. The...

Compassion International


The Christian child advocacy mission Compassion International works to release children from spiritual, physical, economic and social poverty. Key programmes include child sponsorship, child survival (pre-natal care), and leadership development (a project targeting outstanding and aspiring high...

Humanitarian International Resource Group


The Humanitarian International Resource Grooup (HISG) is a New York state NGO. HISG specializes in private sector resource mobilization and management and provides support services to US and international for-profit and non-profit organisations for crisis response and humanitarian developmental...

DuoSuccess TCM Research


DuoSuccess TCM Research is a company that has been incorporated in Hong Kong since 2007. The company focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) research and has successfully developed various therapies using TCM techniques, including music therapy, a technique that can provide similar or better...