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Help to address the problem of snake bite in India.

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Jeeva Karunya Trust

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

In India, snake bite remains one of the most neglected of all tropical diseases and is a particularly cruel misery inflicted on many of the most impoverished, According to SB Management in Asia and Africa produced in 2010 by the International Medical Research Council, 11,000 deaths from snakebite occur every year in India. Total ignorance prevails about snakes and snakebite in this country and because of deep rooted superstitions, many precious lives are lost and snakes are hounded and killed. We are the the only organization in South India that addresses and copes with the emergencies arising from snakes and snakebites, treatment information, and first aid.

We want to continue the work we already do on snakebite and extend it in ways we explain below. We call our project, the National Snakebite Initiative.

What is your project and how will it help?

The National Snakebite Initiative aims to alleviate the suffering caused by snakebite. The approach we need to take to achieve this objective involves:

- establishing programmes in specific locations around the country, improving the understanding of the issue;
- prevention and treatment of snakebite injuries to human beings;
- achieving significant improvements in outcomes for snakebite patients through targeted snakebite prevention and first aid promotional activities;
- assembly and dissemination of available information on appropriate medical treatment of snakebite;
- treatment guidelines & training materials;
- research and development aimed at delivering safe, effective and affordable anti-venom products into markets that currently lack adequate supply, on a cost recovery basis;
- coordination of epidemiological surveillance through the establishment of research networks in rural India and other developing countries and deploying standardized recording, reporting and data analysis tools to enable reliable estimation of snakebite burden and resource needs.

We have started work on a number of these activities, but want to expand them.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are pleased to welcome any kind of partnership and collaboration of individuals, corporates and organizations to sustain and develop and carry out this unique rural public health project. We have started this project covering a few rural villages by providing snakebite safety information, doing a survey, and running public health awareness programmes. But to acquire exact data on snake bites the study has to be carried out throughout the country. We also want to set up a snakebite treatment and care centre and employ research scholars and PHD staff and many more. This is all for the long term.

In the short to medium term, we want to continue with the study and need funding to do this.

Please detail the resources that you need.

For now, it is the study and the public health awareness programmes that we want to expand, and to carry out snakebite management and safety training. A single day two – three hour programme require 150-200 USD, without including the honorarium of the program conductors.

(Long term objectives include country wide actions of the above mentioned along with Snake Bite Emergency Ambulance services, Venoms – therapy. Training, Study & Research, Basic epidemiological & clinical Study & research, Training for Medical Professionals & Government PHC-Centers Nonprofit Envenomation Treatment Care Rehabilitation & Study Center, Access to & Availability of Standard Anti-venom & treatment)

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