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Vocational school needs partners to help youth in Nairobi slums to a better future

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Levozy Self Help Group

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are trying to help and empower disadvantaged youth in the slums of Nairobi. Poverty, poor health, insecurity and behavior decay are rampant here; especially among the youths who for most of the time just idle around in the community.

What is your project and how will it help?

Levozy Self Help Group through “Levozy Skills Training Project” is a vocational training centre dealing with trades such as motor vehicle mechanics, motor vehicle wiring, motor vehicle maintenance and garage practice. We have trained and competent instructors in the various disciplines and we have a pool of these professionals in the community, ready to take up work and help the beneficiaries.

The project is well known by our local administration, ensuring safety of the same.

We need to diversify our activities to meet the needs of many deserving youths who are out of school. The youth will be empowered in various vocational trades which will help them acquire employment and or be self employed and with this, there will be no or will be minimized vices in the community.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People can partner with us by coming to technically assist in instructing our children in their fields of training, assisting us with funds to facilitate our activities and pulling together resources to enable the centre go extra mile in helping this community.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Sewing machines 10 = ksh10,000 (USD 110)
Knitting machines 5 = ksh70,000 (USD 770)
Welding machines 4 = ksh40,000 (USD 440)
Battery charging machines 4 = ksh20,000 (USD 220)
Carpentry kits 3 = ksh50,000 (USD 550)
Feeding program ksh500,000/year (USD 5,500)

TOTAL AMOUNT: ksh710,000 (USD 8,000)

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Partnership types

Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Kenya

Global issues

Education and training; Job creation and enterprise development


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