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Computer Equipment for Community ICT Training Center in Uganda

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Child Support Uganda (CSU)

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We provide Computer and ICT Skills Training to a minimum of 200 orphans and disadvantaged young people per year in needy communities in Kampala, and Tororo in Uganda. We are in the process of setting up a third ICT Skills Training Centre, in Arua town, North West of Uganda, about 350 kilometers from Kampala.

We are seeking a donation of computer equipment and accessories, software, training materials, among others (eg MS Office 2003/2007, Networking, Hardware Repair and Maintenance, Web development software, web development software, examination software and graphics designing software).

We wish to receive additional supplies of computer equipment: Pentium III 700- 900Mhz or above and Pentium IV 1.7ghz – 3GHz or higher, with 17" TFT LCD Flat Screens. We would like about 200 systems, if possible, in a 20’ or 40’ container.

We also wish to receive PowerPoint Projector equipment, CISCO Networking Gear (the entire networking Equipment for training, software and training materials, etc).

Thirdly, we would like to receive updated licensed software: Windows XP Professional Service Park II or III, Windows Vista/Windows 7, MS Office 2003 Professional, Office 2007 Ultimate, Networking software, Windows server 2005/2008, Unix, Linux, graphics designing software: Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Corel Draw, Flash, and training materials for A+ computer repair and maintenance, Flash Discs, and web development software and empty CDs/DVDs, etc.

The cargo should be shipped through a shipping Line to Mombasa Port and from Mombasa, be transported by road to Kampala Uganda.

Further comments: We can contribute towards the cost of shipping the goods in containers.

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