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Establishing a laboratory to help pregnant women in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Requested by

Association of orphans and the Disabled ASODI .

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The rate of maternal/infant mortality in Cameroon is alarming (650/1000 women die per year.) Mothers die while giving birth, and children die before their fifth birthday. The situation creates a great deal of panic among women who say their last prayers before going into the labour wards because they know that many of them will not return.

The high mortality rate is due to a range of issues: infection, no antenatal care/detection if there were no lab tests carried out to assess complications or because many people do not have the money to feed their children when they are born so that many suffer from malnutrition and infectious diseases. Because many mothers/families live on less than a dollar/day,they are unable to afford medication/hospitalization for their children and many do not have the money to get the results of their lab tests.

We have carried out a survey to find the causes of maternal/infant mortality and found that the manjor problems are those related to lab tests, complications at birth, no attendance at antenatal clinics and lack of testing.

We want to set up a biomedical laboratory in Yaounde which will be able to carry out the necessary pre-natal teats. We hope that by setting up such a laboratory, the number of infants/mothers who suffer either anaemia due to malaria, typhoid, syphilis, and chlamydia will be greatly reduced and the number of women who die in Yaounde giving birth will follow suit.

What is your project and how will it help?

THE project is the establishment of a biomedical laboratory/ultrasound at Awae (pilot face), Yaounde in collaboration with the FAPEFE organisation. This will help to reduce the high prevalence of maternal/infant mortality in Cameroon.

Sensitization talks/educational talks will be given to create awareness among women/and families, urging them to bring their children under five for free medical tests and consultations with an MD. Pregnant women/infants under five will be ble to attend the centre between 8am to 6pm every day.

Their vital signs will be taken(blood pressure,heart beat,respiration)and charted. Tests for pregnant women will be carried out to see if the mother carry any infection that could affect the unborn child. If anything is found, drugs will be provided for her, while a date will be set for follow up. If the infaction is still in place, new treatment will be recommended and an ultrasound will be carried out to check the baby’s condition.

The average pregnant woman spends not less than 50.000 frs for her first visit on tests at the hospital. If we can carry ou these tests free of charge, then more than 200 women will be tested a day and this will in turn save the lives of at-least 5 or more women a day who would have otherwise died or had some serious complications because they could not have their lab tests earlier at the beginning of their gestation period.

When tests are carried out at the laboratory/echography saving about 75.000frs, pregnant mothers/infants will no longer stay away from the laboratory for lack of money. This will will help to conscientise people and save many lives that would otherwise been lost as a result of poverty.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We need the following in our partnership;
Finance, equipment, volunteers, trainers, medication.
Any organization that would like to partner with us can provide any of the items above and we can make good things happen.

Please detail the resources that you need.

ITEMS QUTY PRICE IN CFA Biochemistry Analyzer AE 600N 1 2.500.000

Carbol Fuchsin Powder 500gm 50.000
Crystal Violet Powder 500gm 45.000
Iodine Crystals 500gm 50.000
Potassium Iodide Crystal 500gm 55.000
Potassium Cyanide 500gm 60.000
Potassium ferocyanide 500gm 55.000
Small Electronic scale 1 250.000
Con. Glacier Acetic Acid 1000ml 25.000
Methylene Blue Powder 250gm 20.000
Sodium Citrate salt 500gm 25.000
EDTA Powder 500gm 25.000
20 lit Hot Air Oven 1 30.0000
Automatic micro pipettes (10 – 50 ul) 1 20.0000
Automatic micro pipette(100 – 1000ul) 1 25.0000
Micro pipette tips ( yellow and blue tips ) 1pk each 50.000

Full details of the project costs can be found in the attached document.

TOTAL 3.285.000

Microscope 900.000
Centrifuge 300.000
Counting Chamber 25000
Heamoglobinometer 50000
Sahli pipette 8000
Westergreen /pipette 60000
Grouping Tile 5000
Slides/cover slips 25000
Touniquette 2500
Glass tubes For Blood collection 10mls 20000
5mls EDTA Tubes 10000
Cotton 2500
Alcool 70% 5000
3 Trays 8000
Desposible pepittes 6000
Spirit lamp 15000
Gas Bottle / Cooker 45000
2 Pots 6000
4 bowls and 3 buckets 10000
Giemsa Stain 15000
Gential violet 10000
Lugols Iodine 10000
Aceton 10000
Fuchsin 10000
Wire loop 15000
Combi 2 and 11 20000
Turks Fluid 10000
EDTA 15000
Sodium Citrate 15000
ASLO 18000
Rheumatoid Factor 18000
VDRL 6000
TPHA 25000
H-pylori 35000
Pregnancy test 20000
Chlamydia 120000
PSA 50000
Grouping Sera 18000
ESR pump 15000
Measuring Cylinder 30000
4 Lagers 10000
Rocking Tiles 18500
Syringes 5mls/2mls 10000
Glucometer( One Touch) 45000
Landcets 2pks 6000
Gloves 2pks 6000
Others 20000
TOTAL 2.116.000


No Item Unit Price Quantity Required Total per Item

1 Coordinator of project salary per month 300.000 1 14.400.000FCFA
2 Medical Doctor/Immunologist 400.000 1 19.200.000FCFA
3 Lab equipment lump sum 200.000 See list 2.000.000FCFA
4 Lab reagents 3.28.5000 See list
5 Stationery for the project lump sum 1.500.000 - 1.500.000FCFA
6 3 office chairs 350.000 3 350.000FCFA
7 1o Benches for the patients 2.000.000 10 2.000.000FCFA
8 1 second handed 4 wheel HILUX Car 8.000.000 1 8.000.000FCFA
9 Fueling and maintenance of the car for four years 2.000.000 1 2.000.000FCFA
10 Rents for the office 250.000 1 12.000.000FCFA
11 Echo/ultrasound machine mark GE Marquette case 8000 stress system W/T 2000 Treadmill 4.250.000 1 4.250.000FCFA
12 Unforeseen contingences 1.500.000 1.500.000FCFA
13 Salary for the driver &cleaner 100.000 2 9.600.000FCFA
14 Lab top (high performance) 1.000.000 2 2.000.000FCFA
TOTAL 82.085.000FCFA

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Partnership types

Provision of services / personnel; Provision of goods

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Cameroon

Global issues

Gender issues; HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health and medical


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