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Donation of Toyota Hiace Vans

General information

Overall description

Divine Bible Church in USA is giving out two toyota vans to non profitable Ngos in Africa to help in there movements. these two vans where donated to our ministry but unfortunately , they cant be used in Usa, they are best in Africa.


We would like these two Vans go as soon as possible

Partnership types

Provision of goods; Provision of services / personnel

Further information

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: 54 countries (show)

Services / personnel details

Services / personnel description

We consider Non governmental organizations basically in Africa.

Type(s) of services / personnel

Community and social services

One off or ongoing partnership

I may do both.


This offer requires no payment.

Goods details

Goods description

Here are the specifications of the vans. Ref No BF126340 Location YOKOHAMA Mileage 35157 Model Code GB-RZH102V Registration Year/month 1999/11 Manufacture Chassis # RZH102-0031936 Engine Size 1,990cc Engine Code 1RZ Drive - Ext. Color White Steering Right Transmiss. Automatic Fuel Gasoline/Diesel Seats 3 (6) Doors 5

Type(s) of goods



2 units


New York , New York City, United States



Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I may do both.

Cost of goods

There is no cost.


I cannot assist with transport.


These goods are within expiry date.

Expiry date



These goods are second hand.

Load size

40ft container


These goods must be taken in one lot.



Organisation details

Organisation name

Divine Bible Church

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  • Contact details exchanged
    27 May 2013 10:22 GMT

    Support Home of God (SuhoG) Project Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Prylla Nwagbo says: We are interested in your offer for our work in rural Africa. Our representatives in Maryland will be willing to visit with you if need be to arrange for shipment.
    Kind regards.
    Prylla Nwagbo

  • Commented
    27 May 2013 10:30 GMT

    Mercy Ships Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    RHolmes says: Mercy Ships operates programs throughout West Africa and are currently looking for these types of vehicles to support our programs in Africa. Our Global Hand account is set up through our UK office but are actual head office where I am located is in Texas.
    Could you provide more details on the vehicles? (Year, condition, how many seats etc).

    Russ Holmes
    Director, International Procurement
    Mercy Ships

  • Contact details exchanged
    28 May 2013 03:05 GMT

    NAVTI Foundation Cameroon Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    NAVTI Foundation Cameroon says: Sir,

    NAVTI Foundation Cameroon will be glad to have your donation to increase mobility for our rural projects. We are base in kumbo cameroon a rural area and we have a sister primary school who shall also benifit from the services of this bus. Thank you for your good heart.louis

  • Contact details exchanged
    28 May 2013 07:13 GMT

    Relief Welfare Association for Social Awareness (R.W.A.S.A) Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    G.PRASADA RAO says: RELIEF CHARITY IS faith based Christian ORG, India. Relief charity Spread the WORD OF GOD at un reached places. We conducted medical camps below poverty communities ,and share the love of JESUS with those communities. We are praying for this type of vehicle to support our mission works.

  • Contact details exchanged
    28 May 2013 08:22 GMT

    World In Need International Ltd Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Mark William Aldrich says: Good morning,
    World In Need International is a UK based Christian Mission and charity working to spread the Kingdom of God through local churches across Africa and Asia. The vans would be of great use to our Local Mission partners in Soy Kenya. However as a point of clarification, you mention that there would be no cost but that you are unable to help with transportation. Does this mean that the beneficiary will need to cover shipping and all duties? If so then I would not wish to waste your time

    Thank you and all Blessings on your Ministry

    Mark Aldrich

    World In Need

  • Commented
    28 May 2013 09:33 GMT

    Huruma Rehabilitation Programme Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Dunstan Matuta says: Dear Sir/Madm,
    huruma Rehabilitation Programme we are interested in two vans for our projects in rural areal of Tanzania. About transport you can contact with our physical agency in USA, Mr Russell F.McKinnon, MAM, CAE, The President of International Theos Foundation {USA} her e-mail" {} .I hopping to hear from you and i remain.
    God bless you and keep you all.
    Rev.Dunstan Matuta

  • Contact details exchanged
    28 May 2013 02:59 GMT

    Helping Children Worldwide Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Bethany Blackwell says: Helping Children Worldwide works with children and families in Sierra Leone. Our head office is based in Virginia and we would be interested in finding out more about the vehicles-the year, model, etc. We are in need of fairly reliable vehicles in Sierra Leone.

  • Commented
    29 May 2013 07:11 GMT

    The Big Journey Organisation Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    the big journey organisation says: We are an organisation based in Botswana and we are interested to be assisted with the vehicles to assist the children whom most of them are orphans based in rural areas,which we have seen them struggling to reach their schools in time and most of them end dropout from school,therefore we belive through your assistance our mission will accomplished and hence better future for these children.

  • Commented
    29 May 2013 07:12 GMT

    Divine Peace Ministries
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Namutebi Edith says: Divine Peace Ministries is interested in your offer to ease the services they are rendering to the distressed people.

  • Commented
    29 May 2013 07:26 GMT

    The Big Journey Organisation Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    the big journey organisation says: we welcome your offer hence we belive we are the connecting point to these people and we are ready to be available for societies assistance with the help from your support with vehicles.

  • Commented
    29 May 2013 08:48 GMT

    TEDO (The Eastern Development Organisation)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    The Eastern Development Organization says: Hullo, this the eastern development organisation in East Africa Uganda, with humble request to be considered for this offer as we are in remote area and we luck transport both for rescue and field workers.waiting to hear from your office and my contacts are available on global website.
    thanks ,
    God blesses your ministry.
    lawrence barasa.

  • Commented
    29 May 2013 09:42 GMT

    Salariin Kampuchea - Schools in Cambodia Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Ravy Vang says: Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are interested in your offer as we non-profit organization providing non-formal education in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Is it suitable for us to this offer?



  • Commented
    29 May 2013 01:44 GMT

    Learning and Development Kenya (LDK)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Learning and Development Kenya says: Learning and Development Kenya supports education for needy children. It has a home for orphans in Rhonda, within Nakuru Municipality of Nakuru county, Kenya. currently housing 84 orphans. It also runs its own school for primary and high school students in addition to providing computer lessons to the vulnerable youth.

    We are very interested in this offer, we would highly appreciate if offered both or even one of the vans for our school / orphanage. It will make life easier for children's transportation.

    My email address is Thank you for the support. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincere,

    Philip Ndeta, Director - Learning and Development Kenya