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verified non-profit organisations

Meeting the surgical needs of children refugees in East Africa


BethanyKids is a medical NGO helping refugee children in East Africa who are displaced from their countries of Somalia, Sudan, and other parts of East Africa due to drought and/or conflict. Many of them end up with their families in very large UNHCR Refugee Camps such as Dadaab and Kakuma, both in...

Help disabled and their children in Gambia


The Bundung Association for the Disabled and their Children (BADAC) is a humanitarian non-governmental organization in Gambia working towards the development and growth of disabled people and their children. Disability does not mean inability. It is a believed by a lot of people that directly or...

Drilling of water borehole to help poor farmers - Kenya


In this project we are trying to help the poor farmers of Barut Location in Nakuru who are in need of support in order to drill a new borehole for water. Many women are forced to walk up to 4 km to seek for water and the water they find is often not good for human consumption but since they do...

Training youth to become entrepreneurs, Kenya


“One Youth Ministries” is involved in reaching out to young people in a creative way. We do reach out to all walks of life, focusing mostly on how to reach out to young people across Africa through giving them hope and also ways on how to turn there life around. We notice that when not thought on...

Looking for corporate partner who can help survivors of trafficking


unseen(uk) was founded to give survivors of trafficking safety, hope and choice. We gather information to assess the level and scale of human trafficking in the UK and assist survivors directly in gaining access to the aftercare they need. Working in partnership with statutory organisations and...

Mercy Ships seeks for partners to support the Africa Mercy, the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship


Every day, over 20,000 African children die from diseases linked to poverty, malnutrition and correctable birth defects, such as cleft palates and lips (UNICEF – 2004). Most of these deaths are preventable. Those who survive often become outcasts, rejected by their family and society, denied even...

Multi-sectoral response to the influx of displaced people among rural communities in Ethiopia Verified non-profit organisation


Recently, Ethiopia has experienced severe climatic and political upheaval, triggering untold suffering among its people. Armed conflicts have triggered involuntary migration in many areas and an estimated 300,000 to 350,000 people remain internally displaced. Approximately 70,000 people are...

Photographic equipment for a cultural project to support refugees from Kosovo and Croatia Verified non-profit organisation


We are helping families and in particular children who are displaced persons and refugees from Kosovo and Croatia who attend the Ribnica Cultural Centre, located in a supurb of Kraljevo, Central Southern Serbia. Many of the children either fled their 'homeland' of Kosovo or Croatia. Other children...

Financial support needed for schools for Internally Displaced Persons in Burma and Thailand Verified non-profit organisation


We are helping 700 children within 9 schools, 8 of which are for Internally Displaced Persons(IDP’s) within the Karen State, and 1 school for the children of migrant workers in the Thai city of Maesot. In a country still fighting a three generation old war, with little prospect for personal...

Support shallow wells drilling in Itagutwa Community, Tanzania


Itagutwa village has a major problem. There is a shortage of reliable, sufficiently clean water for human consumption and other uses. There is a very big pressure on water resources in the village due to the fact that the number of water sources does not match with the number of people in the...