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Help needed in the construction of a water point, Cameroon


Nlong is situated in Lobo Sub- division, Lekie Division, Center Region, some 40 km from Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon. It is a rural area of about 3,000 inhabitants. Populations of the rural area of NLONG in Cameroon are poor peasants who live from agriculture. People drink water from...

Christian orphanage in Pakistan in need of funding


Orphans in South Asia and Pakistan, they as part of the society, suffer because of lack or inefficient governmental programs to address their needs and welfare. Often, orphans in these regions are supported by local communities at a bare minimum survival stage. A good number of them may be very...

Piggery project to help vulnerable children in Uganda


We are, in a special way, working with orphans in an attempt to give them hope and a decent future. The project is intended to provide an income for orphans, giving them the possibility to buy school supplies, mattresses, pay tuition and school uniforms etc. We have a piggery scheme arrangement in...

Give hope to children of HIV victims in India


5.2 millions of India’s population are affected by HIV/AIDS, orphaning many children. Their relatives and local communities are to a wide degree not taking care of them, fearing to contract HIV/AIDS. Being socially rejected by the community, their own kith and kin – the children are often left to...

Family health center and education for people living in the slum areas, Pakistan


Faisalabad is an industrial and textile city of Pakistan. People of the area especially women are deprived part of the society. The women realized that their unity would change their marginalized life and after a few community meetings it was decided to form an organization which can assist to...

Constructing shallow wells in Kibondo rural district, Tanzania.


The project addresses lack of water for rural communities in Kibondo in Tanzania. Lack of safe water and sanitation is the world’s single largest cause of illness. In 2002, 42 percent of households in Tanzania had no toilets, and one in six people had no access to safe water. Over 30 million...

Vans needed for volunteer networking organisation in Kenya


United Global Volunteers International is a non profit volunteer networking organization, which has been active for several years. Community organization were experiencing scarcity and lack of professional expertise to run community projects because the available experts demanded pay that was...

Shipping help of donated medical supplies from USA to the Philippines


We are trying to help poor, marginalized, rural communities situated in northern Luzon, Philippines. The issue we are trying to address is the lack of access to healthcare and provision of direct relief in times of calamity. Our project is to engage in medical missions and provide direct relief in...

Help poor youth in Haiti


We are trying in to help the poor youth in Haiti, aged 12-25 years. We help them fight poverty which otherwise may force them into immoral living. We wish all young people in Haiti to have a good life and a bright future. Our project is to have a Bible school where the youth can learn about moral...

Support higher education in Somalia


Makhir Community Organisation is a non-profit NGO based in the UK, working to build a higher educational college which the area is desperate for since a long time. The foundations of the college started and we had started recently, January 2012. In the past, we were normally lacking all resources...