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Alleviate Poverty and Climate Change, Mali


Mali’s economy rests on agriculture, pastoralism and fishing with more than 80% of the population. Since the drought in recent years the economy is threatened by climatic variations. This change in climate has had negative effects on vegetation cover leading to land degradation. To contain the...

Malaria Prevention and Control, Ghana


Malaria is a major public health problem in Ghana. It is a major cause of poverty also a significant reason for the low productivity in the country. The disease accounts for over 38% of all outpatient attendance and 21% of under-five mortality. Children under-five and pregnant women are the groups...

Buruli Ulcer Reduction and Water Project, Ghana


Many communities in the Dormaa Municipality in the Brong-Ahafo region are suffering from Buruli ulcer and other related water diseases due to lack of access to clean water in the affected communities. The ever increasing buruli ulcer in the communities is having negative effects on health and...

War Victim Reach Out Initiative, Uganda


War Victim Initiative (WVRI) is a charitable organization, concerned with the plight of orphans and disadvantaged children. WVRI was founded in 2000 to contribute to the development needs of the war affected and orphan children in Kabulasoke Parish. The idea behind the setting up of the...

Human Rights Awareness Project, Uganda


The proposed project is a human rights awareness project in the Kalungu district. The general situation shows that there is a wide scope of ignorance about human rights amongst people. Human rights activities such as seminars, workshops formation of human rights awareness groups and distribution...

Transport assistance for People's Mercy Foundation, Uganda


This project is about improving the community charity services throughout the district, through providing means of transport to enable the committee and staff to reach the people in the community. The district has sub-counties, which are distant from the district and the committee is ever...

Help equipping Mercy Training Centre, Uganda


Over 120 young ladies complete primary school every academic year, the few secondary schools that exists are far away – mainly located in trading centers. Additionally parents do not have money to pay for the tuition fee for their children to get a secondary education. Proposing this project is...

Water is life – Supply and storing of water project for orphanage in India


This is a water supply project proposal for the poor children of the Tera Prem orphanage in the Vidarbha region of the Maharastra State in India. This water supply is meant for the children who are staying in Tera Prem for their education and character formation. These children are mainly from...

Financial and material support for community empowerment programme in Kenya


The project target group consist of very poor people coming from the slums of the Mathare community, Kenya. The post election violence affected the communities; therefore the project is especially focused on restoring hope in the community. The services provided by the project are in line with the...

Rural Communities in Environmental Conservation for Better Livelihood Project, Uganda


This project is called Environmental Conservation for Better Livelihood Project and is concerned with building the capacity of young people using better environmental management practices for a sustainable social economic development. Continued environmental degradation in Uganda has remained a big...