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Spice Without Borders


Spice Without Borders (SwB) is a nonprofit organization registred in Kenya whose mission is to equip a new generation of social change catalysts from the backyards of society with creative and critical thinking skills they need to right the wrongs they witness in society and start sustainable...

Resurge Children East Africa (RCEA)


Resurge Children East Africa is a registered non-profit organization working in Kenya to serve children whose caregivers have to choose between education, healthcare and food. Their work include building and rehabilitating education infrastructure, provision of sponsorship and learning to needy...

Hope for working children and youth (HWCY)


“Hope for Working children and youth” (HWCY) is a community based child and youth focused organization (CBO) which works with children, youth, families and vulnerable communities to fight poverty in all its manifestations including deprivation, cases where children and youth lack basic...

Volunteers International Network - VintNet


Volunteers International Network is a program that recurits and places volunteers with local initiative networks to support these networks to be future self-sustainable.  Some programs that are currently running : 1) Make Orphans Feel Privileged. Volunteers placed in orphanage homes get a real...

Ikhayalethu community organisation


Ikhayalethu Community Organisation is a non profit organisation which was established in 2001 due to the high rate of HIV/Aids and the high number of orphans and vulnerable children. The organization is based in Mathonsi traditional council which is at Mandeni Municipality under Elembe district....

Planet Of Hope Organization


Planet of Hope organization, based in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, is a charitable organization providing training to street football teams. They support vulnerable group like orphans, disable group and elders. They also provide home base care and help advertising tours and safari for charity. ...

Hearts For Community Livelyhood Initiatives


Hearts for Community Livelyhood Initiatives (HECOLIINS) is a non profit making organization which was established to try and help to support vulnerable households in socioeconomically deprived areas, as well as helping with poor nutrition, the discrimination of females, early marriages and the HIV/...

Deegaan Foundation Somalia


Deegaan foundation Somalia is a local NGO which services as a community health educator in Somalia by giving the community health education, it is established to promote health education and to reduce diseases in the community.

Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET)


FOGET is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and voluntary organization. It was founded in July of 2014 and was registered and incorporated under the Companies Registration Act 1963 (Act 179). Foundation for Generational Thinkers - FOGET, is a trans-generational organization committed to...

Humanity Crew


Humanity Crew is an international aid organization specializing in the provision of psychological aid to refugees and people in crises. This organization works to deploy mental health and psychosocial support to displaced populations in order to improve their well-being, to restore order in their...