Kyotera Energy Technologies (KET)

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Kyotera Energy Technologies (KET) offers skills training to the young people to enable them to creates their job / self-employed. KET is made of small number of people because the premise is still smaller, so that is challenge they have. They wish to have a permanent building for skills training centre in Uganda – to east Africa as a whole.

Skills training program was started in 2007 as a community based group organization which registered in name of KYOTERA ELECTRONICS AND TECHNICIANS ASSOCIATION (KETA).
To date many people got skilled through this program of life skills training.

Main offered skills:
-Green energy PV power systems manufacturing and repair
-Home appliances and industrial equipment maintenance services
-Electric vehicle assembling and mechanics
-Traction inverter for EV motor controller manufacturing etc…

Skills training materials only are offered to the interested parties. Food, housing and other leaving expenses not include.

KET welcomes any one interested to work together for their support and advise.

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Less than 500,000

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