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Advocacy of global issues

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Harvest Mission Deaf Church


The Harvest Mission Deaf Church (HMDC) is a Kenyan organisation that aims to help people with hearing disabilities by inspiring them with the Christian message, by advocating for the rights of deaf people, and by providing vocational skills training.

Deaf Community Development and Relief Service


The Deaf Community Development and Relief Service is a Kenyan NGO that works for people with hearing disabilities. The organisation aims to provide training in skills such as carpentry, tailoring, electrical, TV sign language and farmring for its client group, thus helping them to become...

Youth as Agents of Peace


Youth as Agents of Peace (YAAP) is a Kenyan NGO that started as a peace building project of the Kenya Red Cross Society and UN-Habitat. The organisation trains its members in disaster management, fire and ambulance rescue services, accounting, IT, HIV/AID and counselling and testing, peer...

Inter-Confessional AIDS Network (INTERNAP) Cameroon


Inter-Confessional AIDS Network (INTERNAP) CAMEROON is an organisation established by 4 faith-based women's organisations. The aim of the Network is to promote woman’s rights and to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS transmission especially in rural communities in Cameroon, also to fight against...

Lackey Ministries Inc.


Lackey Ministries, Inc. is a Christian organisation in the USA whose founders established the Love Botswana Outreach Mission. Both organisations raise funds and work for improvement in the lives of poor communities in Botswana.

Evangelical Assembly Church


The Evangelical Assembly Church is a Christian organisation in India.

Eglise Methodiste Libre de Guinée


The Free Methodist Church of Guinea (MLG) is an emerging branch of the Free Methodist Church of America. In addition to its faith-based activities, the Church aims to assist in building social infrastructure, including primary schools, training centres and hospitals, and to contribute to the...

Association Osodi Social work for Integrated Development ' (osodi asbl)


Association Osodi Social work for Integrated Development (osodi asbl) is an NGO in the Eastern Congo that works for women and children who have been victims of violence. To date, the organisation has opened a centre where women can learn sewing and tailoring, organised awareness raising on HIV /...

Bajirout Chhatrabas


Bajirout Chhatrabas is an Indian NGO that focuses on the integrated development of children from disadvantaged classes. It aims to provide them with a free, innovative open-learning environment which will help them discover themselves through learning and playing together. The organisation is...

Eagle Foundation


The Eagle foundation is an organization in Ghana committed to bridging the Literacy and digital divide by using ICT to advance life-long learning and hands-on education for children and youth in Africa.