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Advocacy of global issues

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Harvest Land Ministries International


Harvest Land Ministries International is a Christian organisation in Kenya. In addition to its faith-based actvities, the Ministries helps the less fortunate such as orphans, vulnerable children, street kids and widows. In particular, the organisation supports HIV/AIDS and education projects. ...

Families Christian Church Ministry of Africa


Families Christian Church Ministry of Africa is a Christian NGO in Kenya involved in improving the livelihood of poor families through advocating for social.change and removal of cultural bariers to economic development of disadvantaged group of people.



Akseer is a Pakistanic charity that advocates for orphans, hungry, needy and politically under-represented communities in Pakistan. The organisation works with many different partners on humanitarian projects (see website for further details).

Casa de la Iglesia AR.


Casa de la Iglesia AR is an initiative in Mexico which serves as a meeting place for people to meet and interact with God and with others, and where members of the community can find support.

Synergy- Uganda


Synergy Uganda is an indigenous NGO that works on health education and maternal health issues, sets up micro-finance initiatives and loan schemes, and sponsors education and agricultural projects. The organisation also works on peace-building initiatives.

Hope for Community Development and Consultancy Organisation (HOCODECO)


The Hope for Community Development and Consultancy Organization (HOCODECO) is a grassroots NGO in Tanzania. The organisation runs a women's support project and provides free early childhood education to poor children and HIV/AIDS orphans.

World Alliance against Youth Unemployment


The World Alliance against Youth Unemployment (WAYU) is a forum of organizations across borders dedicated to eradicating youth unemployment. The organization is the initiator of the Global Campaign against Youth Unemployment. The organisation is based in Rwanda.

Herbert Childrens Haven


Herbert Childrens Haven (HECH) is a Ugandan NGO that promotes a just and conducive environment for children through; advocacy,nutrition, shelter,education and health. Currently, HECH has 120 children staying with or attached to 40 foster families some of whom have no adequate sanitation facilities....

Action for Development in Underserved Areas (ADUA)


Action for Development in Underserved Areas (ADUA) is a Ugandan NGO that works with and advocates for vulnerable groups.

Shahabad Parish Society


The Shahabad Parish Society is an Indian NGO that works towards empowering Dalit children, youth, women and people with disabilities.