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4-5 pallets of socks for donation in Taiwan

General information

Overall description

A donor company would like to donate new socks in women’s sizes. See photos for styles. The total quantity is 24,146 pair of socks, which is 4 – 5 pallets. They are packed 240 pairs per box.

Receiving NGO would need to complete a distribution agreement with the donor before collecting the donation.

Sizes based on US women’s shoe size: LG 10.5-12.5, MD 8-10, SM 5.5-7.5, XS below size 5. The socks are shaped to fit each foot- running dog embroidery runs on the outside of foot or ankle.

Styles/sizes/quantities are as follows:

  • ESSENTIALS (no mesh) Smoke Blue – no show grip sock. ERT-SMBLU-LG 444 (also worn by smaller men), ERT-SMBLU-MD 444, ERT-SMBLU-XS 228
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) Black – regular toe grip sock. RT-BLK-SM 3726, RT-BLK-XS 180
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) Blue – regular toe grip sock. RT-BLU-XS 240
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) Nude – regular toe grip sock. RT-ND-SM 705, RT-ND-XS 240
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) Pink – regular toe grip sock. RT-ND-XS 216
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) White – regular toe grip sock. RT-WH-XS 240
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) Black – SPLIT toe grip sock. ST-BLK-MD 480, ST-BLK-XS 204
  • CLASSIC (plain mesh) Nude – SPLIT toe grip sock. ST-ND-LG 240, ST-ND-XS 240
  • STAR (sparkle mesh) Charcoal – regular toe grip sock. START-CHR-XS 204
  • STAR (sparkle mesh) Coral – regular toe grip sock. START-CRL-MD 1170, START-CRL-SM 1152, START-CRL-XS 240
  • STAR (sparkle mesh) Nude – regular toe grip sock. START-ND-XS 240
  • STAR (sparkle mesh) Purple – regular toe grip sock. START-PR-SM 1489, START-PR-XS 240
  • STAR (sparkle mesh) Rose – regular toe grip sock. START-ROS-XS 414
  • STAR (sparkle mesh) Nude – SPLIT toe grip sock. STAST-ND-MD 720, STAST-ND-XS 228
  • SWEET (MaryJane) Black with Silver Metallic – open top grip sock. SWEET-BLKSIL-XS 204
  • SWEET (MaryJane) Burgundy with Silver Metallic – open top grip sock. SWEET-BURSIL-MD 1188, SWEET-BURSIL-SM 906, SWEET-BURSIL-XS 240
  • SWEET (MaryJane) Indigo with Gold Metallic – open top grip sock. SWEET-INDGLD-MD 1126, SWEET-INDGLD-SM 906, SWEET-INDGLD-XS 240
  • SWEET (MaryJane) Red with Leopard Trim – open top grip sock. SWEET-RLP-LG 240, SWEET-RLP-MD 936, SWEET-RLP-SM 1176, SWEET-RLP-XS 228
  • SWEET (MaryJane) Turquoise with Electric Trim – open top grip sock. SWEET-TRQELC-LG 240, SWEET-TRQELC-MD 933, SWEET-TRQELC-SM 921, SWEET-RLP-XS 480


Socks should be collected before early March.

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24,146 pair of socks, 4 – 5 pallets.

Type(s) of goods

Apparel & fashion


24,146 pair of socks, 4 – 5 pallets.


China - Taiwan Province

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on a one off basis.


I cannot assist with transport.


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are new.

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Global Hand

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