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26 pallets with 8528 boxes of "Jakemans" sweets

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We would like to donate 26 pallets, which is 8528 boxes each containing 10 bags of approx. 15 sweets. The donation should go OUTSIDE the UK. This only one kinds of sweets – Menthol Sweets (black cover).


As soon as possible

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I can arrange delivery within the UK or make them available for collection.

Type(s) of goods

Food & beverage


26 pallets


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on a one off basis.

Cost of goods

There is no cost.


I cannot assist with transport.


These goods are within expiry date.

Expiry date



These goods are new.


£10K GBP





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Global Hand

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    02 Dec 2019 01:53 GMT

    Hope and Aid Direct Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Charles Storer MBE says: Hello. I started and lead the UK registered humanitarian aid charity 'Hope and Aid Direct'. We deliver humanitarian aid to refugees and extremely vulnerable people abroad. Many are of course from Syria, but also many other parts of the world. We are responding continually to the refugee emergency across Europe, and we have just returned from Greece and the Islands where refugee numbers massively exceed refugee camp capacities. (Consequently thousands are sleeping rough or in ‘weekend’ tents, and there are several thousand children). We also work with other charities who send or take aid themselves. These throat and Chest sweets would be ideal for occasional distribution. We have our own trucks and transport and deliver the aid ourselves. I do hope to hear from you. Thank you. Charles Storer MBE