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48,000 new ladies' and girls' sweaters in Hong Kong

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A donor has 46,375 ladies’ sweaters and 1,675 girls’ sweaters to donate. Sizes, colours, details and photos are given in the attached file.


The clothing will be available for collection in Hong Kong after the end of May

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46,375 ladies' sweaters and 1,675 girls' sweaters in different colours and sizes.

Type(s) of goods

Apparel & fashion




China - Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on a one off basis.

Cost of goods

There is no cost.


I cannot assist with transport.


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are new.


These goods may be divided between recipients.

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Global Hand

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  • Commented
    06 May 2019 05:05 GMT

    Sevac Foundation Uganda
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    okullo jimmy felex says: sevac foundation uganda, support education for vulnerable children, we are operating in northern part of uganda where poverty is adverse and clothing are hardly, therefore this give me time to request so that i help with the poor community in northern uganda, our board member hon.alyek judith mp can help in tranport contact me on email at