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Container loads of higher education books available

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Overall description

We receive thousands of high level academic books in English that have outlasted the American College market. Most subjects don’t change too much, but there are new editions printed every other year. This leaves thousands of books that have tremendous educational value but little economic value floating around.

We are looking to partner with an organization that will help us distribute these books to those looking for High Level Educational Books.

You will need to make sure and are responsible for the books to pass through customs without paying any additional tax as these are being donated.

The most economical method of shipping would be to ship by a container which may contain 20,000 books. It would make sense for ten universities or libraries to group together in a geographic region. So if there are ten schools they would need 2,000 books. We will sort the books based on the library’s need. If they want to expand their Economic department or expand their Science department. We will be able to provide a diverse range of books in their particular need. We receive books in: Psychology, Humanities, Literature, Communications, History, Math, Science, Child Development and Computer Science.

We would need a list of universities and/or libraries that are receiving these books and their contacts. We want this to be a successful project and need to make sure the right books are going to the right place. There is a high likelihood that we will be sending a representative to ensure that this goal is being met.

We are open to new ideas and input from you to make sure that good comes out of this.


We have books now, but would probably need 3-6 months of planning ensuring we have the right books.

Partnership types

Provision of goods; Provision of services / personnel

Global issues

Education and training; Job creation and enterprise development

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: South Africa
Americas: 53 countries (show)
Asia: 41 countries (show)
Europe: 52 countries (show)
Middle East: 13 countries (show)
Oceania: 26 countries (show)

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Academic books that are between 5-10 years of age. These are college level and graduation level books.

Type(s) of goods

Books & audiovisual


Skokie, IL, United States

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on an ongoing basis.

Cost of goods

There is no cost.


I can transport these goods (or cover cost of transport).


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are second hand.



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Books4Cause Inc.

Business sector(s)

Arts and culture

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Only verified non-profit organisations who have exchanged contact details may view this.


  • Commented
    02 May 2012 12:54 GMT

    Sahal Community Organisation
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    A Ali says: I am responding to your offer on behalf of Sahal Community Organisation (] We are a collaborative, participatory non political, impartial, non-governmental and not for profit organization based in Sheffield in United Kingdom with offices in Somalia.

    We committed to help and support local communities in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa especially those who live in and around impoverished regions in Somalia.

    We will primarily focus on saving lives, relieving human suffering through preventing disease, improving community health and promoting efficient and effective health and education system in regions in Somalia.

    The Organisation was established in Sheffield, United Kingdom in 2009 and in 2010 the Organisation adopted charitable constitution in which it was granted charitable status in 2011 by the UK’s charity Commission by giving charity number: 1144895.

    Thank you for considering our responds

  • Commented
    02 May 2012 05:09 GMT

    Abang Ashu Academy (3A)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Bishop Abang Anthony Ashu says: ABANG ASHU ACADEMY OF CAMEROON is interest to receive and distribute the books to institutions of higher learning here in Cameroon.

  • Commented
    06 May 2012 02:00 GMT

    the universal centre for children and youth development
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    tope ajanaku says: THis offer will interest us. The Universal Centre for Children and Youth development is a non profit organization registered in Nigeria. We have previously been involved in distributing books of this nature to the Redemers University Nigeria from stockpile donated by an organization in the United States. We have also received and distributed Theological books to Bible colleges in Nigeria. We run a bookshop since 2009 from an initial books donation from World in Need UK. The proceed of which is used to support our non profit work.

  • Commented
    08 May 2012 06:29 GMT

    Soroptimist International Apapa
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Soroptmist Bona Okigbo says: My organisation has a Nursey and Primary school called Soroptimist International Nursey and Primary that needs reading books.

  • Commented
    11 May 2012 09:35 GMT

    Amono Youth Network
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Amono youth Network says: hi we are very interested in your offer. we need those books for poverty stricken areas in Ghana. please you can contact us
    Amono youth Network international
    Box 1728 Sunyani Ghana

    Tel: 00233-245388780

  • Commented
    11 May 2012 08:25 GMT

    Learning and Development Kenya (LDK)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Learning and Development Kenya says: Learning and Development Kenya says: Please consider sharing the text books with Learning and Development Kenya, a local charity based in Nakuru Kenya and offering education to local children from poor backgrounds. Wehave a school library that serves the entireRonda community. I can provide additional information should you need the same. My contacts areas below;

    Philip Ndeta
    Director, Learning and Development Kenya
    P O Box 13808
    Nakuru 20100
    Tel: +254 721 919 483

  • Commented
    13 May 2012 08:37 GMT

    National Humanitarian Foundation
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Dr.Yehia El Bache says: Yemeni students of all categories are in need of books & materials in order to enhance their education.Than You for your gifts to them

  • Commented
    16 May 2012 11:39 GMT

    Hope for Girls
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    AGUDOGO VERONICA SITSOFE says: hope for girls would like some of these books.
    veronica agudogo
    director 1
    dambai, ghana, west africa.
    tel. +233-0543890790

  • Commented
    26 May 2012 12:46 GMT

    Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor Trust
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Dr.Irudayasamy, MA,Ph.D,B.L says: I saw your offer, Thanks. I am working with the children in difficulties( example stone quarry children, flower market and agriculture workers. I am developing a Technical school for those children to learn technical knowledge on Mechanical, computer soft and hard ware, electrical and many other. Therefore if you find any useful DVDs, CDs, kindly shipment or air mail it. thanks
    No.48,18th Cross st,
    Tambaram Sanitorium
    Chennai - 600047

  • Commented
    15 Jun 2012 03:09 GMT

    Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Somaliland University of Technology says:
    I am the President of the Somaliland University of Technology in Somaliland. The breakaway Republic of Somaliland is very peaceful and stable. However, the majority of the people live in absolute poverty.

    We are badly in need of books for our library and text books for our students. There us not any functional library in the country as a whole. Moreover Students cannot afford to buy text books. Therefore, good library could be answer.

    We would be pleased if you could consider sending this container to us. We shall partly distribute books to local schools depending their needs.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Very truly yours,

    Dr. Saeed Sheikh

  • Commented
    17 Jun 2012 05:38 GMT

    Creative Technology for Development Initiative
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Faozey Nurudeen says:
    Creative Technology for Development Initiative (CTDI) is a non-governmental organization that propagate youth voices to the Policy Makers, Industrialists and Academics and sets it focus on the promotion of rights to qualitative education through Creativity & Innovation, Youth Entrepreneurship Training & Incubation, ICT Policy Research and Expansion of the Reach of Technology.

    CTDI is in collaboration with the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Education, in order to create recognition in a global content after series of research in all the spectrum of CTDI's project and also to execute all our projects successfully.

    CTDI also embarks on strategic partnership/collaboration with many related ministries, agencies and associations such as; Federal Ministry of Education, National Human Rights Commission, National Communication Commission, Information Technology Industry Association of Nigeria, Association of Teachers Educators (ATE-USA), Lucas Nulle (Germany)and
    Knowledge Dialogues (Hong-Kong) in order to achieve its aims and objectives fully.

    We are a body that connects with all universities in Nigeria through access to infrastructure and materials.

    We would like to benefits from this opportunities by providing textbooks in different field of studies in order to achieve our aim and objectives.

    We are in partnership with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education in which we are going to embark on this distribution of textbooks to universities.

    We are also in partnership with Kogi state Government in order to distribute books to higher institutions and the library in the state.

    Our website is:

    We would look forward to read from you swiftly.

    Best regards

  • Commented
    07 Jul 2012 09:31 GMT

    Redeem Africa Leadership Foundation (RALFo)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)


    CONTACT:, 233 5411 73031

  • Commented
    18 Jul 2012 06:50 GMT

    Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Turyatunga Bob Maahe says: Greetings from Uganda.
    We are a NGO in Uganda and we work with young people and communities in schools and communities through based education leading to sustainable skills.

    We are able to receive these books and distribute them to our partner schools here in Uganda.We currently received books from Tools with mission to our partner school Queen of peace Primary school but still not enough to the school and some schools are requesting us to consider them.

    So am very sure that your donation to our partners schools will create every big impact to Ugandan Schools. Uganda Youth Skills Training project has introduced a program in schools called reading for pleasure.This will promote reading culture and increase on the reading skills to the Ugandan learners .

    we are looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Turyatunga Bob Maahe
    UYSTP, Director
    Tel:+256 776 830887

    Reply through u

  • Commented
    18 Jul 2012 06:55 GMT

    Women of Purpose Community Development Centre
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    JUDITH SELLANGA says: Thanks for such a wonderful blessings. We are working with schools in the rural Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone is recovery from the mess of the civil war. Having such will be great for distributions to the 28 school members of this organization including 3 colleges. For any more information, contact us at or

  • Commented
    20 Jul 2012 03:10 GMT

    Global Hand Verified non-profit organisation
    (Verified non-profit organisation)

    Natasha Williams says: Thank you for your offer after some internet research I have come across some offers on the Global Hand website which will benefit from container load of books. They are an educational project working in Cameroon and Swaziland, education is a very important part of life and can help many people get out of poverty, the books would help build the schools library. If you are intersted the link is here

  • Commented
    23 Jul 2012 06:20 GMT

    Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Turyatunga Bob Maahe says: Greetings to all you all .
    Am inquiring about the container of the books if it has been allocated to any other organization,we are not receiving any update about the offer as regarding the distribution.
    Here in Uganda, educational materials are not taxed. so we do request you to consider Uganda Youth Skills Training project as one of the beneficiaries of the books offer.

    reply via,

  • Commented
    09 Aug 2012 04:36 GMT

    International Youth Council South Sudan Chapter
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Geoffrey Ochieng Alala says: We are International Youth Council South Sudan Chapter based in Magwi County, Easter Equatoria State, Republic of South Sudan. South Sudan as a new nation is still facing enormous challenges and Education is still very low. One of the challenges that we face here are lack of South Sudan Education Curriculum, text books and building infrastructure for schools. Most schools are still using Kenyan and Uganda School system and text books. Families are very poor and cannot afford cross border education and text books. We as an emerging IYC Chapter would like to intervene by creating partnerships to help build capacity of youths in schools and Universities. This offer is appreciated and is ideal course to change and support the ten schools within our proximity.

    You may contact through the following address;

    Geoffrey Alala
    Tel No. +211 (0) 955 941 480

  • Commented
    10 Aug 2012 06:02 GMT

    JK Developmental Action Group (JK DAG)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    S.M.Hussain says: We would like to benefits from this opportunities by providing textbooks in different field of studies in order to achieve our aim and objectives. We would be pleased if you could consider sending this offer to us. We shall partly distribute books to local schools depending their needs

  • Commented
    10 Aug 2012 06:06 GMT

    JK Developmental Action Group (JK DAG)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    S.M.Hussain says: We would like to benefits from this opportunities by providing textbooks in different field of studies in order to achieve our aim and objectives. We would be pleased if you could consider sending this offer to us. We shall partly distribute books to local schools depending their needs at below address: Post box # 769 Gpo, Srinagar, J&K 190001. India
    Opposite Honda Gallie, Near INGOU, Kursoo, Rajbagh, Srinagar, J&K, India, 190008

  • Commented
    25 Aug 2012 05:05 GMT

    Voice of Grace Foundation (VGF)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Voice of Grace Foundation Cameroon says: I am Dr.Ndonwi Wilfred,Executive Director of Voice of Grace Foundation Cameroon. I write to express interest in your offer. We run a Vocational Training Centre known as Voice of Grace Foundation Multipurpose Institute where we offer development and business education in the following courses • Peace and Conflict Management,
    • Leadership and Engagement,
    • Food Processing,
    • Textiling,
    • Saponification,
    • Print Media/Printing and Serigraphy,
    • Hardware Maintainance,
    • Computerized Accounting,
    • Financial Management,
    • Book Keeping
    • Accounting,
    • Internal &External Decoration,
    • Dress Making/Tailoring,
    • Wood work, Welding
    • Hotel Management
    • Snail and Mushroom Cultivation etc
    Hence, we would love to receive books on these courses as indicated.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Contact us at or
    Tel:+237 96 64 30 93

  • Commented
    14 Sep 2012 11:00 GMT

    Science and Technology Outreach and Intervention Network (STORINET)- Uganda
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Science and Technology Outreach and Intervention Network (STORINET)- Uganda says: Science and Technolgy Outreach and Intervention Network (storinet)- Uganda.

    we are willing to partner with you.

  • Commented
    14 Sep 2012 10:13 GMT

    Light Up Africa Care Foundation
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Chief Ewie Aimienwauu says: We are Light Up africa care foundation. We work with universities through the Nigerian Universities Commission which is responsible for liecensing, monitoring, accrediting courses and curricullum development for Government and private Universities in Nigeria.
    we have selected ten Universities accros Nigeria from the about 120 universities whose libraries would best benefit from your gesture. Since it is an on-going excercise, we would be able to upscale to other Universities over time.
    As a Registered Non-governmental organisation/charity, we do not pay customs duty for our incoming goods for humanitarian assistance.
    We will be glad if your staff come to supervise the distribution.
    Should you consider the possibiluty of partnering us for this program, we will send you a detailed proposal which we cannot publish here now.
    We look forward to complimenting your effort for the benefit our poor undergraduates some of whom buy used books to go through school.
    Chief Ewie Aimienwauu

  • Commented
    17 Oct 2012 10:55 GMT

    Uganda Sport for Health, Recreation and Development (USHRD)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    BYAKATONDA MILTON ACBOR says: Uganda Sport for Health,Recretion and Development an NGO that exists to help people improve their quality of life through sports would like to accept the offer.We are community and school-centric, and therefore the books will help a long way to support the disavantages schools in Isingiro district. We can be reached atP.O.Box 958, Mbarara, Uganda, Tel:+256782-668169,+256702-007374,

  • Commented
    29 Oct 2012 01:21 GMT

    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Simon Henry Opio-Emuna says: Dear Sir,

    I am a college science teacher in the UK working with Medaid UK/Medical Aid Uganda to support schools and colleges in Northern Uganda to raise educational standard and provide the disadvantage children to attend school. The standard of education in Northern Uganda is very poor. There are many reasons but one of them is lack of textbooks and educational materials. We work with over 40 schools in northern Uganda. We have experience of clearing goods through customs so a container donation from your organisation will reach our beneficiaries without any problem. We will also send you the distribution report, photographs, and video. We have excellent support from Uganda Central and local governments in Uganda. I can ask our partner in Uganda to get recommendations from local governments and participating schools if your require it at this stage.

    I look forward to hearing from You

    Thank you

    Mr Simon Henry Opio-Emuna
    Executive Director
    Charity Number 1111025

  • Commented
    19 Nov 2012 08:10 GMT

    Mission to the Needy (MITON)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    MISSION TO THE NEEDY says: hullo, mission to the needy will be glad to be considered as a beneficially organization to this offer.

  • Commented
    25 Nov 2012 02:23 GMT

    GoYeTherefore (GYT)

    Maimbolwa says: I am a volunteer for GoYeTherefore (GYT)- Zambia which is a faith and community based organisation in Zambia whose office is located in Livingstone town at Musi-Oa-Tunya Building. There are two provinces in Zambia having high iliiteracy levels or low educational levels. These books would be really of great use there. These same two provinces being Western and North-Western are the least developed in Zambia. GYT can facilitate your donation to appropriate schools in rural areas. You can send your representative to ensure that the donation goes to targeted benficiaries. The organisation website is still under development. My email address is

  • Commented
    13 Dec 2012 04:54 GMT

    I stand alone
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Turyatunga Andrew says: I would to be part of this great tool to change my country Uganda am not part of any Organization,
    Connect info,

  • Commented
    14 Dec 2012 07:55 GMT

    Lycée André Resampa Antsirabe non-profit high school
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Richard Nirina Ranarijaona says: College Saint Vincent de Paul
    Antsirabe 110
    Dear Sir,
    I have just submitted our college into Global hand International in order to find potential partners willing to join us to realize our goal which is to educate and train as many malagasy children as possible.You can learn more aboutus and what we do in visiting our link with Global thing is sure, we do need those books that you are talking about...if needed you can get connected to me through +261 34 93 072 88 / +261 33 75 332 10 or by email:
    Hearing from you asap if the offer is still availaible if not you're welcome!Thks a lot...