This offer is no longer available to non-profit organisations.

Fax Card(s) for Servers

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On offer are three Brooktrout TR114+UP4L PCI fax cards.

These cards can be installed in a server and configured to work with compatible fax software (neither a server nor software are included in this offer.) Once installed and configured they can process a very large number of inbound and outbound fax messages.

The items might be suitable for a non-profit organisation that needs to process a large number of faxes for administration purposes.


These items are available immediately.

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On offer are three Brooktrout TR114+UP4L fax cards.

Type(s) of goods

Computer hardware & software




Tuen Mun, New Territories, China - Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)


These items were removed from a working server. We have plugged them in and tested that they power on and are detected by the operating system. The items appear to be in good physical condition. However, we have not fully tested them to verify their correct operation and we cannot provide any warranty. We are also unable to offer assistance in the installation and configuration of these items.

Brooktrout is now owned by Dialogic. This model is discontinued but Dialogic may be able to provide further technical information about compatibility, installation etc.

Frequency (one-off or ongoing)

I will be offering these goods on a one off basis.

Cost of goods

There is no cost.
While we are not charging anything for the cards, the non-profit receiving them will be required to cover the cost of shipping and all associated costs, such as customs clearance. We are based in Hong Kong. Local NGOs are welcome to collect the items from us in person.


I cannot assist with transport.


Expiry dates are not relevant to these goods.


These goods are second hand.

Spare parts required



300 USD




These goods may be divided between recipients.



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Crossroads Foundation

Annual turnover (US$)

1 million - 100 million

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Only verified non-profit organisations who have exchanged contact details may view this.


  • Commented
    28 Mar 2012 12:48 GMT

    (Unverified non-profit organisation)


    SAPCONE is an acronym for Saint Peters Community Network which is a Local NGO registered as a non governmental Organization by the National Council of the NGOs Bureau with bona vide Certificate Number 34008. The Organization is in Consortium with the grassroots Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) registered by the Government Department of Culture, Sports, Gender and Social Services in Turkana County in Northern Kenya. Among the consortium CBOs are ECOREDEP and TUREDO which deals the implementation of the activities at the grassroots. The main Objective of the Organization is to uphold lives of the vulnerable with envisaged empowerment to facilitate them to integrate in the normal human life and other development that improves lives.

    The organization was established in 2006 First as Civil Society Organization CSO and later registered as a Local NGO in the year 2011 by a group of indigenous people with representation from the six districts in greater Turkana County. The civil society is actively involved in real management and implementation of the organization(s) activities at all levels.

    SAPCONE was formed and conceptualized on the problems facing the Communities especially the marginalized Turkana Community who has continued to remain vulnerable, challenged and disadvantaged by both natural and man made calamities in all aspects of life. The major objective of the Organization formation is poverty alleviation through economic empowerment of our vulnerable communities towards accessibility to social economic basic needs with ability to initiate and own development to reduce dependency syndrome. The SAPCONE and its consortium Civil Society Organizations in their endeavors to try helping improve the social economic living standard of the vulnerable Turkana Community had initiated intervention Projects that are geared towards addressing some of the communities needs or problems. The envisaged Projects are identified and ranked by the members of the Community who would be involved in the entire Projects inception and implementation cycles.

    Some of the Key issues faced by the Turkana Community are identified as:-
    1.Insecurity caused by rampant inter communities’ raids e.g. Turkana-Dassanach and Nyangatom of Ethiopia, Turkana- Toposa and Dindinga of South Sudan, Pokot and Samburu from Kenya and the Karamojong Communities of Uganda. Therefore there is no side of the Turkana Community safe or free from conflicts. The conflicts has caused a lot of human lives and livestock losses / hampering development of the area.

    2.Drought and Famine The Turkana area being an Arid Land is ever affected by the continuous drought and famine which render many people poor and helpless always depending on relief assistance and the poverty level is generally high as pastoralism is the only Social economic activity but conflicts and drought affects it.

    3.High level of Illiteracy and ignorance due to marginalization the rank of Education in Turkana is poor; many people have not gone to School and even Children who are School going drop out as a result of lack of fees and other basic requirements. The Turkana community relies solely on pastoralism as the only means of livelihoods and when this threatened the people rendered impoverished as no diversified alternative means of livelihoods. There are many cases of orphan and poor children who could not afford School fees despites their brightness to perform better in their educational careers’.

    4.Injustices and under development: among other issues the criminal offences in Turkana in most cases happen and action taken to address or prevent doesn’t exist therefore the criminals sometimes go unpunished. Due to ignorance and lack of know how of the legal rights frame work the people suffer whenever, their rights are infringed.

    Main Objectives.
    The organization has the following main objectives.
    1.To work towards the realization of an empowered Turkana community that is capable of initiating and sustaining their own development activities while utilizing available local resources.
    2.To build a strong pastoral institution that can empower the local community to initiate their own development activities and assist the people in their struggle against poverty, Hunger, diseases and illiteracy.

    Specific Objective.
    SAPCONE aims to achieve the following objective
    •Work for the social, economic and political empowerment of pastoralist community.
    •To improve and sustain household food security by diversifying pastoral production system through income generating activities.
    •To support girl child education for the pastoralist community through provision of school equipment and bursary.
    •To empower the community to advocate and campaign for the rights through workshops, seminars, public gatherings and meetings.

    Overall Goal:
    To initiate and develop long term cross border peace among the pastoral warring groups of the Turkana and the Dassenatch/ Nyangatom of Ethiopia.

    The organization has the capacity to implement the projects successfully once selected since it has the required capacity working through consortium Organizations which did a lot successful activities at the grassroots despites imminent challenges. The example of the achieved successes was the peace building mitigation in 2005 to 2008 between the Turkana of Kenya and the Dassenatch/Nyangatom of Ethiopia. This Project was funded by USAID and Oxfam GB through a Civil Society peace Net work by name Riam Riam Turkana and implemented by Elemi Conflict Resolution Development Project (ECOREDEP) in the Turkana – Dassenatch corridor in the Kenya - Ethiopia border. This one year funded Project enabled peace to exist among the two warring communities for a period of over three years. The Projects implemented and achieved the objectives are the advocacy and capacity building, food security by the provision of fishing gears and vessels to the fisher folk communities along the Lake. Among others was the civic education which led to the realization of the new constitution in 2011 and the sponsorship bursary program where some few needy bright students paid fees.
    SAPCONE constitute committed workforce whose efforts are always directed towards successful project implementation to the benefit of our constituents.

    We look forward to a fruitful Partnership
    Kind regards

    Amoni Thomas Amfry

  • Commented
    16 Oct 2012 07:31 GMT

    Nyabohanse Children Rescue Centre
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Evans Magwe says: The Nyabohanse children Rescue Centre wish to apply for this offer, to assist the needy children in Kuria Community in Western part of Kenya- Migori County. our contact is . Please get back too us. Best Regards

  • Commented
    17 Jun 2014 03:05 GMT

    Kazi Youths East African Organisatioon (KYEA)
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Abel Isreal Kisubi says: we are interested in this offer,please contact us on +256701498372 / +256714884865 or email us on
    thank you