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Job creation and enterprise development

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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Guyana


UNDP is one of United Nation organisations that has targets for reducing poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women by 2015. In Guyana the UNDP supports the peoples of Guyana in pursuit of national goals and objectives as articulated by the...

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Vocational skills for rural women in Kenya


Rug n Art Studios (RAS) is a grassroot CBO that works in Bomet county in Kenya and focuses on empowering the rural poor with vocational skills that once acquired will open opportunities for employment and income generation. This project shall directly target the poor rural women (both young and...

Realsom Organization for Welfare & Development


Realsom Organization for Welfare&Development aims to provide the resources necessary to make Somali residents self-sufficient in health,employment,sanitation and education through developmental programs/projects. Realsom was partnered with Local, National and International NGOs Based in Somalia....

Civil Society International


Civil Society International (CSI) assists independent organisations working for democracy and civil society in countries lacking in these principles. The CSI is a source of information about projects worldwide that are committed to limited government, popular elections and free association and...

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The Brokering Guidebook - a guide to navigating effective sustainable development partnerships


The Brokering Guidebook, produced by IBLF in collaboration with Rio Tinto, UNDP and the UN System Staff College, illuminates the critical role played by brokers in a cross-sector partnership, and outlines the many tasks that a broker may have to carry out during the life of a partnership.

Association Al Amana Pour la Promotion des Microentreprises


Association Al Amana Pour la Promotion des Microentreprises promotes micro-enterprise by offering credit and related services.

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Poverty reduction through efficient rice farming in Laos


Laos is one of the least developed countries in the world. Hom district is the home of ethnic groups and is one of the poorest districts of Laos. Women are the most disadvantaged group. Association for Community Training and Development (ACTD) has worked here since five years and is aware the voice...

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Vocational training to young mothers in Uganda


The declining standards of girl child education in the district of Kasese, Uganda, leaves a lot to be desired. Almost every family has a daughter who got pregnant and had to drop our of school because of that. Green Development Link would like to promote vocational skills to these teenage...

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Donation of goods for empowerment programme in Sierra Leone


Our organisation is helping the youths in the Bumpeh and Ribbi Chiefdoms in the Moyamba district of Sierra Leone. We run a youth empowerment program where the aim is to give the youths vocational training and give them access to information communication and technologies. This will empower them and...

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Vocational centre for war struck youth in Somalia


Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization is a non profit organization based in Hargeisa Somalia. This local NGO is a voluntary organization and supports social activities in Somalia. It is particularly focused on youths' basic development, education and job creation. There is a gap in...