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Sponsor vulnerable children to access education in Arusha - Tanzania

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Elimu Community Light (ECOLI)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Elimu Community Light (ECOLI) Elimu Community Light is a grassroots, community-based NGO with years of experience and a proven track record of success despite financial and resource challenges. ECOLI serves a population that generally receives very little other services and is incredibly marginalized economically, socially, politically and even in their environment.

ECOLI works to accomplish comprehensive and holistic methods of addressing the root causes of poverty through building the capacity of communities via children who are the future of the nation. ECOLI believes especially in delivering services where they are needed most and this has proven extremely challenging as the organization often must walk alone to do so but this does not make the work any less necessary.

What is your project and how will it help?

ECD program through ECOLI centers is aiming to support children from most vulnerable and low income families to ensure services available to them more than just people of means. Most of the children we save come from the least desirable circumstances in severely impoverished communities where they often live in slum-like conditions. Their families face worries everyday in how to put food on the table or if they can afford for any accident or sickness to befall a family member. Many of the children are living with single young parents (specifically mothers)or grand parents who also are uneducated and never had a chance such as this when they were growing up which may be the reason that they were never able to leave behind the life of poverty that they were born into.

ECOLI has limited resources and has created financial challenges and perhaps that is why no one else is providing this service and filing this need, but the bottom line is that it is indeed a need and it is just to make it available to all regardless of their socioeconomic position. The mission of ECOLI is to make this service available to those who need it most but otherwise would never be able to access it.

This project will help 100 children from most vulnerable families to access education, acquire literacy skills and psychosocial support needs as a spearhead that enable them linking with development opportunities and the social components necessary to alleviate the pernicious effects of poverty.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Anyone can partner to accomplish this program.

1. Sponsor a child directly
2. Spread words to your relatives, colleagues, friends, coworkers or institutions, companies that may be interested to sponsor children
3. Planing fundraising occasion or by using other methodologies
4. Support teaching and learning and other school supplies
5. Support teachers’ salaries and general school administration costs

Please detail the resources that you need.

1. Child sponsorship cost $ 5 @ month i.e 60/year/child and our goal is to sponsor 100 kids

2. Support teachers salaries 9 teachers @ $ 100/month i.e 1200/year/teacher

3. School supplies @ $ 300/month i.e $ 3600/annual

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