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Education and training

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Godnyinyo Baptist Church


Godnyinyo Baptist Church is a religious organisation in Kenya that cares for and educates orphans and widows in addition to its faith-based activities.

Creative Spirit Welfare Organization


The Creative Spirit Welfare Organization is an NGO in Pakistan that works on issues related to education.

Mother Trust


Mother Trust is an Indian NGO that cares for the poorest in society and aims to empower them in regard to development and self-reliance through education.

Tapoysa Social Welfare Organisation


Tapoysa Social Welfare Organisation is an Indian NGO that works in six states in India in the field of health, education, cultural and religious development, child and women empowerment, and disaster management.

CARD Trust


CARD Trust is an Indian NGO that works for the welfare and development of the rural poor with particular emphasis on children and women. CARD supports people who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. CARD's programme supports more than...

Juba Light Organization


The Juba Light Organization is a Somalian NGO that works with and advocates for the needy. The organisation works on issues related to agriculture and social services, including education, health, and water and sanitation. The Foundation focuses on gender equality, and advocates for peaceful...

Ayushman Society of Uttarakhand for Rural Education


Ayushman Society of Uttarakhand for Rural Education is an Indian NGO that builds schools and promotes education.

Hope for Girls


Hope for Girls is an NGO in the Krachi-East district of Ghana. The organisation helps to enroll girls in school, pay school fees and provide other material needs to keep orphan girls, and girls who have dropped-out because of poverty, in school. Hope for Girls is currently looking for funds to...

Women of Zion Foundation


The Women of Zion Foundation is a Ghanaian NGO involved in capacity building, women's empowerment and skill training for women. The organisation also undertakes health education campaigns.

Kitambaa Bible Baptist Pre-school


Kitambaa Bible Baptist Pre-school is a school in Kenya that currently has 264 children enrolled. The school also feeds a number of other children who do not attend the school.