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Center for disabled in northern Sierra Leone

Requested by

African Relief in Action (Aria-International)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The Northern Province of Sierra Leone has a large number (between 2,500 and 8,000) of disabled people, who for many years have been marginalized by both the society and successive governments. The African Relief in Action (ARIA-International) Sierra Leone has done an indebt consultative meet with all fractions of disabled in order to know their felt needs.

These victims are looked low upon as ‘liability’ rather than as ‘asset’. Thus, little or nothing is been done to improve legislation on disability. They tried in vain to make their situation known to the authority concern but little or no attention is given towards their plight.

Their condition became more pathetic during and after the ten years rebel war in the country. They lost everything as well as their independence and dignity.

The government of Sierra Leone has given no attention to the disabled. The medical humanitarian organizations that has been helping disabled previously left during the war.

Their previous medical center has been looted, building vandalized. Struggling already in their handicapped existence, these men, women and children find themselves completely exiled, homeless and utterly abandoned by a war torn society.

They are reduced to street begging for pittance, homeless and thus become human beings who are dishonored and suffering.

What is your project and how will it help?

This request is about construction of a Disability Health Center/Four (4) two bed rooms Health Staff Quarters, including water supply, solar energy and purchase of land site. Makeni, Bombali District, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Overall Goal of Project:
Disables and other affected victims in the north and the country should have free medical treatment and sustainable economic development.

Within one year, a health center would have been constructed for 2500 to 8000 disables in the North of Sierra Leone Bombali District, and prepared them to secure livelihoods as well as improved standard of living through access to free medical treatment.

Through the health center they would have access to the provision of clutches, wheel chairs, spectacle lens, drugs, nutritional food and special sandals/shoes, blinds, amputees and polios etc.

Please find more information about this project in the attachment or contact us.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

1. Training of ARIA officials and beneficiaries in conflict resolution,
prevention and management.

2. Establish partnership in implementing projects in areas where
Aria is recognized and mandated by law to operate.

3. Sharing potential information that will foster understanding and cordial
working relationship.

4. Assist and support Aria’s effort in areas that compliment our common

5. As with all charitable organizations our aims and objectives cannot be
realized without effective collaboration.

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Total Amount = US$ 258,000

See attachment for detailed budget.

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