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Secondary school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Cameroon

Requested by

Commonwealth Youth Association Cameroon

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are trying to help the underprivileged, particularly the deaf and hard of hearing who have been neglected and relegated to the background.

Deaf and hard of hearing persons in our community have not been given opportunities to pursue formal education like their able-bodies peers and because of this, business places and offices have great difficulty in dealing with deaf customers unless they can communicate through writing which is hard for people who have little or no education. Education for the deaf would help with this problem.

We have been running a school for the deaf for three years already, and need resources to expand this provision. Our school currently caters for 12 primary age children only, but we have plans for a proper educational campus where children can be taught like their non-disabled peers, learning about computers and IT, etc. so that they will be properly educated for the modern society.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project is to advocate for the rights of deaf persons through the acquisition of didactic materials and a study site for them. The only school available for deaf students is a primary school and when they graduate, they end up going for training as carpenters, seamstresses, hair dressers and more which is not what everyone wants as some of the students want to become teachers, bankers, or journalists among other professions. We want to help these children achieve their dreams of becoming successful people in life. That is why we want to open a secondary school for them to enable them to pursue formal education and write the G.C.E like their peers without disability.

This project will first of all, it will help deaf persons to have a sense of belonging and it will help to overcome the inferiority complex deaf people feel.

Secondly, it will increase the employment rate in our country through the employment of many young people to teach deaf people.

Thirdly, this will make the family of deaf people and Cameroon a better place to live in.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People can partner with us through provision of didactic materials such as computers, photocopiers, printers, books, hearing aid and more.

Also, others can partner by giving scholarships to some of these children especially as most of their parents don’t care about them and others are orphans.

We also wish our partners to help us in building a campus for these students to ease their studies.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Full budget details of the building project, and of the other resources we need, can be found in the attached document.

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