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Disability issues

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Christian Blind Mission (CBM)


Christian Blind Mission (CBM) is an independent Christian development organisation dedicated to preventing and curing blindness, as well as to the education and rehabilitation of people who are blind or have other disabilities.

Better Life Organization (BELO)


Better Life Organization (BELO) works towards the self-development and medical, social and educational rehabilitation of disabled persons, with a focus on children ages 0-18. BELO promotes education for girls, and works with women’s groups to help women become economically empowered. One of...

Help-one Women's Organisation


Help-one Women’s Organisation is a philanthropic organisation aiming at improving women’s living conditions and social status in Uganda. Its projects focus on empowering women through socio-economic activities, providing vocational training for women, including tailoring, design, IT and poultry...

Mother Theresa Development Research Institute(MTRI)


Mother Theresa Development Research Institute (MTRI) works for the upliftment of the downtrodden and vulnerable sections of Indian society especially women and children, youth, disabled, aged, dalits, tribals and minorities. MTRI provides research and action programs in human rights, formal and...

Beam of Hope for the Disadvantaged (BEHOD)


The Beam of Hope for the Disadvantaged (BEHOD) is a registered Non-government Organisation, which started as a community based Organisation in 2006, with an aim of uplifting the education standard and the socio-economic status of the disadvantaged youths (Disabled and orphans) in Uganda. The...

One Just World


One Just World is a partnership that organises a national series of free, after-work speakers’ forums aimed at involving the community in conversation and debate on key international development issues facing Australia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. It is a partnership between World Vision...

Hope for Children Uganda


Hope for Children Uganda is an NGO established by a group of young people and community members in the Bugiri District to address issues faced by the most needy and vulnerable, including orphans, neglected children, people with disabilities, women and the elderly and HIV/AIDS victims. The first...

Kenya Disabled Development Society (KDDS)


The Kenya Disabled Development Society (KDDS) was established to develop the disabled persons educationally, socially and economically, through programmes designed to empower and generate income for disabled beneficiaries. Future projects includes developing a database of accessible tourism,...

Health Promotion Clinic Trust


The Health Promotion Clinic Trust is an organisation in Zimbabwe that provides a professional wheelchair and seating service for persons with mobility disabilities. The Trust advocates for wheelchairs to be assessed for individual users to prevent secondary deformities and complications.



NZEVE is an organization of deaf and hearing people that promotes the right of deaf children and adults to participate fully in society. NZEVE provides audiological and educational services, communication skills and vocational training through a preschool, projects for deaf adults and support to...