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Human rights

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The Genocide Intervention Network (GI-NET)


The Genocide Intervention Network (or GI-NET) is a non-profit organization that envisions a world in which the global community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities. Its current mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and...

Asian Women's Empowerment Project


Women's NGO that aims to empower female immigrant workers from Southeast Asia and reduce their exploitation within the sex industry

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - Philippines


USAID is an independent agency that supports long-term economic and social development through policy dialogue, conflict prevention, technology transfer in sectors such as health, agriculture, education and housing, and promotion of trade and investment. U.S. assistance is channeled through...

Information and Documentation Center on Child Rights (IDCCR) - Moldova


The Information and Documentation Center on Child Rights (IDCCR) - Moldova contributes to the implementation of the "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" in Moldova by providing information services and support for children's participation initiatives. The organization works to change...

Action Aid International


An independent international organisation aiming to fight causes of poverty and social exclusion. They focus on the people that others forget. People in poverty. People who face discrimination. People whose voices are ignored. They help people fight for the rights that they are denied. Simple...

Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation(CECI)


The Canadian Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping poor countries and communities through the promotion of human rights, raising funds for development projects, and implementing humanitarian initiatives. Established in 1958, this...

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for Finnish foreign policy. The Ministry's site provides general information about Finland, its foreign policy, and ministries. The site also has contact details for government departments in Finland and for embassies and consulates abroad.

Foundation El Taller


Foundation El Taller works with those NGOs and social movements which challenge structural causes of the dispossession of peoples, the destruction of cultures and the deepening of poverty; seeks non-violent means of social transformation; and, searches for alternatives to the dominant discourses on...

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-Ecuador


United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, is an international cooperation agency for development that promotes the right of every woman, man, boy, girl, and young teen, to enjoy a healthy life free of HIV / AIDS equal opportunity for all people. For more than 25 years in Ecuador, UNFPA has been...

Initiative Support Foundation


The Initiative Support Foundation was created in September 1996 to help support civic initiatives in the areas of democratization, small business development, and human rights. It also supports projects addressing the preservation of cultural history and the protection of national minorities.