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Shelter, housing, land management and construction

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Community Action for Relief and Development


Community Action for Relief and Development is working with the rural community in areas of health and sanitation, education, infrastructure and poverty reduction.

Islamic Aid


Islamic Aid supports projects that provide those most basic and immediate needs (such as, water access and healthcare) to people in poverty and help them to improve their standard of living through training, education and business start-ups. Also it has tried to raise awareness and influence...

Nadeje (Hope)


A charitable organisation aiming to help the aged and the infirm. Our approach to each client is individual; our help is always tailored to its recipient. In each person we endeavor to see a human being - God’s creation - always possessing human dignity and deserving adequate treatment, regardless...

Bioforce Development Institute


The Bioforce Development Institute has been providing training, orientation, and expertise to logistics and administrative managers working in international humanitarian organisations since its foundation. Bioforce Development Institute has a team of trainers (with both field and training...

Caritas Macau


Caritas Macau is a social service organisation based in Macau. Its purpose is to provide social welfare, give financial aid to the victims of disasters, to promote assistance to self-help groups, promote social justice and to study poverty in order to find its cause and provide a solution.

Health and Life International


Health and Life International aims to improve the health and quality of life among less privileged and abandoned people suffering from diseases, hunger and disaster. It provides healthcare, humanitarian assistance, food, education, development, rehabilitation and resettlement as well as spiritual...

Global Mercy Foundation


The Global Mercy Foundation USA is committed to raising funds and support for the ministries of its sister foundation in India. These ministries include building a hospital for the impoverished especially AIDS/HIV patients, caring for orphans, implementing literacy programs and providing mobile...

UNDP Indonesia


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Indonesia is committed to reduce poverty through connecting strategic policy initiatives with practical interventions focused on decentralisation, HIV/AIDS, gender equity, and the potential of information and communication technologies. The focus...

Habitat for Humanity Chile


Habitat for Humanity (HfH) is a non-denominational Christian charity dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide. HfH builds and renovates houses through volunteer labour and donations of money and materials. The organisation has built 246 houses in the northern Altacama area since it...

Garden of Hope Foundation


The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) is a Taiwanese NGO based in Taipei with branch offices in Taichung and Kaoshiung. The Foundation provides support, including legal aid and social work, counselling, shelter and education to victims of child prostitution, at-risk children, and vulnerable single...