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Shelter, housing, land management and construction

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Pexhurst Services Limited


Pexhurst Services Limited (PSL) provides interior design services and delivers everything from complete design and refurbishment to stand alone elements such as joinery, partitions, ceilings and electrical work. PSL is committed to Health and Safety issues as an essential part of their interior...

Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre (TMSC)


Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre (TMSC) provides care for and education to abandoned and orphaned children, widowed women, and poor families in rural Western Kenya and urban slums.

Furniture Re-use Network


Established in 1989 the Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) is a national co-ordinating body for 400 furniture and appliance re-use and recycling organisations in the UK that collect a wide range of household items to pass onto people in need. The FRN promotes the re-use of unwanted furniture and...

Freedom in Christ Mission


Freedom in Christ Mission is a faith-based organisation which provides humanitarian support in Sierra Leone communities.

MMM International


MMM International provides building labour free of charge so that other charities can be released from building, renovating and maintenance, works and are able to focus on their primary goals. The work of MMM depends largely on gifts from individuals and other organisations. Charities assisted are...

Redeemed Church of Christ - Masajja


The Redeemed Church of Christ - Masajja is a church based in Kampala. In addition to its religious activities, the church is involved in a range of social programmes,including child care and care of the aged.

Community Action for Relief and Development


Community Action for Relief and Development is working with the rural community in areas of health and sanitation, education, infrastructure and poverty reduction.

Islamic Aid


Islamic Aid supports projects that provide those most basic and immediate needs (such as, water access and healthcare) to people in poverty and help them to improve their standard of living through training, education and business start-ups. Also it has tried to raise awareness and influence...

Nadeje (Hope)


A charitable organisation aiming to help the aged and the infirm. Our approach to each client is individual; our help is always tailored to its recipient. In each person we endeavor to see a human being - God’s creation - always possessing human dignity and deserving adequate treatment, regardless...

Bioforce Development Institute


The Bioforce Development Institute has been providing training, orientation, and expertise to logistics and administrative managers working in international humanitarian organisations since its foundation. Bioforce Development Institute has a team of trainers (with both field and training...