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Gender issues

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I Am Revival Gospel Ministry (I Am Full Gospel Ministry)


I Am Revival Gospel Ministry is a registered charity in Uganda. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation provides relief, social welfare and educational support to the homeless, orphans, widows,and the destitute who for a variety of reasons including 18 years of civil war have...

Integrated Development Forum (IDF)


The Integrated Development Forum (IDF) is a local Bangladeshi NGO. The organisation works on a range of issues including education, health and poverty alleviation; safe water supply and sanitation; food security and livelihood development; environment and climate change; HIV/Aids and advocacy....

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Initiation of Breast Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Program in Goma/DRC


This project aims to initiate breast cancer prevention and to make the screening, mammography and treatment (surgery) available for women in our country, especially in our community (the city of Goma). This kind of activities are innovative practices in our region even if they may be common in...

AGIR Ensemble


AGIR Ensemble is an NGO based in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. The organisation works in development and health. In particular, the organisation focuses on public health, hygiene, water and sanitation, cancer and tobacco control, HIV/AIDS, palliative care and nutrition. AGIR Ensemble also...

Elshaddai Ministries Trust


Elshaddai Ministries Trust is a Indian NGO working for the empowerment of underprivileged women and children in Tamil Nadu through income generation projects, women empowerment programmes, health programmes, vocational training and environmental and education programmes.

Serve the Nation


Serve the Nation (STN) is an NGO in Pakistan based in South Punjab. The organisation works in education, rural development and emergency relief. STN also runs a water and sanitation project. STN takes a participatory approach in its work, and aims to empower its client groups, particularly women...

Livelihoods Development Initiatives-Uganda (LIDI - Uganda)


Livelihoods Development Initiatives-Uganda (LIDI - Uganda)is an NGO that works towards improving standards of living and quality of life for vulnerable groups with an emphasis on children, people with disabilities, women, youths and the poor in rural communities. LIDI is involved in enhancing...

Bidii Youth Group 2007 TFD-AFB


The Bidii Youth Group 2007 TFD-AFB is a Kenyan NGO established by young people who were concerned about the number of young people involved in various kinds of immoral behaviour, including drug and substance abuse and violence against women. The Group aims to address adolescent sexual...

Human Development Focus


Human Development Focus (HDF) is a Ghanaian NGO that promotes development. The organisation works on a range of issues including: reproductive health, computer training, water and sanitation projects, micro-credit, rural development, education and vocational training, and child rights. ...

Association Timidria


Association Timidria is a mass movement which distributes food, provides farming equipment, and has started some community development projects. Timidria also fights against slavery.