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Gender issues

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Association for the Promotion of Women and Children (APWAC)


The Association for the Promotion of Women and Children (APWAC) is a Cameroonian NGO that works with and for women. APWAC aims to empower women through education, capacity building and improvement in health and general well-being. APWAC projects include education and child care, with a...

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Higher education campus for women in Nairobi, Kenya


The Regina Pacis University College is an initiative of a religious order, the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi, whose mission is to uplift the human dignity of poor and marginalized people by promoting education. The order aims to prepare students to uphold human dignity and to hold high moral...

Development Action for Marginalised Rural Areas (DAMRA)


Development Action for Marginalised Rural Areas (DAMRA) is an NGO operating in some of the most marginalized areas in Malawi, currently focusing on Rumphi and adjacent districts of northern Malawi. DAMRA aims to assist in working towards hunger free and healthy communities by helping people to...

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Fruit processing equipment and technical assistance for smallholder farmers group in Rumphi, Mlalawi


DAMRA intends to help 120 farmers (out of these 67 are women) living in the most marginalised rural remote and under-served areas of Rumphi district. Community members in these rural setup are poor on average living on less than 1 US$/day per household. On average each household has 4 to 5 members....

Nadhifu Mums Power


Nadhifu Mums Power is an NGO in Kenya that assists women, particularly those who need to work because they have lost their homes or families through domestic violence and lack relevant skills. The organisation aims to provide such women with vocational skills like dressmaking, bead work,...

Revival Mission of Uganda


Revival Mission of Uganda is a faith-based NGO. In addition to its faith-based activities, the organisation provides care and support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), provides education and encourages participation in sports. The Mission also works on health, gender and community...

Tanzyme Falah-e-Mashra


Tanzyme-Falah-E-Moashra (TFM) is an NGO in Pakistan that aims to increase literacy rates, especially among women in rural areas. TFM is also involved in social-economic development activities on a participatory basis particularly in the areas of education, health, drug prevention, rural...

Mwengenye Widows and Orphan Slums Organization (Mwoso)


Mwengenye Widows and Orphans Slums Organization (MWOSO) is a Kenyan NGO. The organisation aims to offer environmental and social educational skills to local orphans and to show widows how to generate income through poultry farming in the Mwengenye slums and rural counties. The overall aim of the...

La Floraison


La Floraison is an NGO based in Baraka, Democratic Republic of Congo. The organisation aims to defend the social and economic rights of marginalized women, youths and vulnerable children by advocating for the human rights of young people, women and children, raising awareness of the need for...

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Poultry farming expansion project in Kenya


Mwengenye Widows, Widowers and Orphans Slums Organization (MWOSO) is an NGO in Kenya. We mobilize people in the community through education and training and starting income generating project. We tackle hunger and social issues, and help widows, widowers and orphans in a variety of ways, helping...