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Gender issues

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Rural Development Media Communication (RUDMEC)


Rural Development Media and Communication (RUDMEC) is an NGO in Uganda. RUDMEC's core focus is on the initiation of behaviour change by using media as a change agent to enhance improved livelihoods. RUDMEC is currently involved in promoting the adoption and use of environmental friendly...

Kuria Development Community for the Marginalised


The Kuria Development Community for the Marginalised is a Kenyan NGO working in rural areas for orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The organisation helps children to access education, provides computer training for young people, and helps...

Kikumu Agriculture Research Centre


The Kikumu Agriculture Research Centre (KARK) is a women's organization in Kasese, Uganda. KARC promotes sustainable development through community education, and supports advocacy strategies relevant to marginalized rural women and slum communities. The organisation runs programmes including...

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Setting up diagnostic health camps in rural India


We want to provide health care facilities for the nomadic population living in rural areas in India, where there is little or no health infrastructure. The major need is for regular diagnostic health camps to be held for rural people with the ability to follow up cases from time to time. Such...

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Training project for women shea nut farmers in Ghana


We are trying to help women subsistence farmers in two districts of Northern Ghana. The women grow shea nuts, but as most of them are illiterate, they lack the skills needed to pick and process their produce efficiently. They also need help to produce and market the kind of procucts (soap, face...

Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL)


The Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL) is an organization established to promote the spirit of volunteering in Uganda. The organisation works through the use of national volunteers in the following thematic areas: education (concentration on basic skills); health (advocacy and community based...

Somali Women Education Campaigners


Somali Women Education Campaigners (SWEC) is a women-led NGO working in southern and central Somalia on community development especially humanitarian protection, women's and children's literacy promotion, human rights advocacy and lobbying for women and children in urban and rural areas of Somalia.

World Day of Prayer


World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who welcome all to observe a common day of prayer each year on the first Friday of March. It is an ecumenical movement that brings together women of various races, cultures, and traditions in closer fellowship,...

United Gospel Mission


The United Gospel Mission, is an Indian NGO that acts as a facilitating body for a network of over 150 little known native Christian NGOs spread over 7 states and reaching 60 districts of North India. UGM works with network members on community transformation projects and initiatives including...

Regina Pacis University College


The Regina Pacis University College is an institution for higher learning in Kenya targeting bright students from poor families with a bias for girls. The College is solidly grounded on Christian principles and values and has many years of experience working with communities at the bottom of the...