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Gender issues

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Depressed and Traumatised People of Uganda (Detrap-U)


Depressed and Traumatised People of Uganda (Detrap-U) is a new Ugandan NGO established by psychosocial/ rehabilitation professionals and victims of traumatic experiences. The organisation aims to use local solutions to alleviate mental and psychological sufferering. Detrap-U is currently involved...

Africa Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) - Zambia


The Africa Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) is a youth organisation in Zambia. AYINET aims to support youth initiatives that promote increased participation of young people in issues requiring policy outcomes. The organisation also advocates for adequate educational opportunities from primary to...

Organisation De Opportunity Uganda


Organisation De Opportunity (ODO) Ugandan is an NGO that reaches out to vulnerable groups. ODO Uganda supports human rights and good governance; gender and women in development; children and young people; health; the environment and natural resource management; public information, education and...

Women of Purpose Community Development Centre


The Women of Purpose Community Deveopment Centre is a Kenyan NGO that aims to empower women, particularly widows and poor women, and orphans and vulnerable children. The organisation tries to address issues such as poverty, illiteracy,reproductive health and outdated cultural practices that...

Women Rights Action Group (WRAG)


The Women Rights Action Group (WRAG) is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation aims to improve the social economic welfare of women through education and health programmes, and through promoting their human rights. WRAG also fights against HIV/AIDS. WRAG is currently involved in a capacity building...

Mission to the Needy (MITON)


Mission to the Needy (MITON) is a Ugandan NGO that works for women suffering from domestic violence, abused children, disadvantaged families, vulnerable young people and children. the organisation focuses on health, education and economic development in marginalized communities, and advocates...

National Organisation for Welfare and Development (NOWAD)


The National Organisation for Welfare and Development (NOWAD) is an Indian NGO. NOWAD works in adult education, continuing education , and women's empowerment and leadership training. NOWAD focuses on helping people living in tribal areas and Dalits, women and children in particular.

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Support Non-profit Youth Organization in Manila, Philippines


1012 Youth Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, and socio-civic organization in Manila, Philippines. It was established in 2009, and since that year, we could not do monthly project due to lack of fund. Our beneficiaries are mostly youth but also we care for children, persons with...

1012 Youth Organization


The 1012 Youth Organisation is an NGO in the Philippines. The organisation targets young people, but also cares for children, person with disabilities and women.

Peace and Love Entrepreneurs Women


Peace and Love Entrepreneurs Women is a Tanzanian NGO. The organisation works for underprivileged women on community development, particularly on the provision of education and training for entrepreneurship.