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Gender issues

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Mankanali Netaji Subhas Social Welfare Society


The Mankanali Netaji Subhas Social Welfare Society (MNSSWS) is an Indian NGO based in West Bengal. The organisation works for economic development among rural communities and marginalised people on a range of issues including health, nutrition, education, agriculture, income generation, and women's...

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Vocational training for women and vulnerable children in Uganda


The Charity Foundation Uganda is a community based NGO that operates in the Luuka district. We provide vocational skills designed to lead to job creation and we promote saving and credit schemes. We are also interested in environmental conservation and health. We want to assist young people and...

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Empower women through art and recycling in Ecuador


We work in one of the poorest areas in Quito, home to many indigenous people who are outside any governmental social programmes. We offer support, outreach, and technical assistance to women from these communities for whom education is often seen as a waste of time. We help the women through job...

CENIT- El Centro de La NiƱa Trabajadora


CENIT (Centre for the Working Girl) is an Ecuadorian NGO that supports child labourers, both boys and girls, providing educational, psychological, and medical programmes, as well as job training, for them and their families, thus helping to improve their quality of life. CENIT works in conjunction...

Brethren in Christ Church - Zambia


The Brethren in Christ Church is a church in Zambia that aims to provide comprehensive health services in addition to its faith-based activities. Currently the Church runs a hospital at Macha, a clinic at Sikalongo, secondary and primary schools in the Macha and Sikalongo areas as well as...



Glisten is an organisation in Malawi that aims to help poor rural women to immprove their knowledge of farming, to provide seeds and fertilisers and to help them to care for the environment. The organisation also aims to provide clothes and other goods for the families of women they help.

Research on Development


Research on Development (ROD) is a Ghanaian NGO headquartered in Tamale N/R, Ghana. The organisation works in agro-processing, gender issues, health and education and aims to empower people in northern Ghana to engage in sustainable development.

Ladies of Substance International Network (LoSIN)


The Ladies of Substance International Network (LoSIN) is an NGO in Ghana comprising a fellowship of Christian career (professional) women who meet once a month to discuss a range of issues.

Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI)


The Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI) is an NGO in Malawi, primarily concerned with creating access to information on the rights of girls and young women and related issues through interaction, advocacy, documentation, education and networking for positive change.

Samadjite Fantamady Association


The Samadjite Fantamady Association is an NGO in Senegal that works on environmental issues, education and health. The Association also encourages women to engage in small business activity, e.g., reselling fish bought from fishermen, and is engaged in the fight against desertification by planting...